RAAS Chapter 25

Yier…Yalike’s exclusive sub-beast?

It was reasonable to say that a beastman holding his own sub-beast was nothing but normal, but this sweet princess carry was certainly enviable you know!

At least Erha, who was off to the side and looking at them thought, You cute sub-beast, why do you have to be over there, brother1 really wants to hug you

However, their gazes all fell on Yalike, who was behaving very unusually compared to recently.

Everyone knew Yalike would only speak about how annoying Yier was, and that he behaved in a cold and detached manner towards him. Especially with Aimiya around, Yalike had gone more than a year without seeing Yier.

Not to mention such a sweet embrace, he had not even given him a single meaningful glance.

All of the tribe’s beastmen could not bear to see that treatment. Unfortunately, Yalike was very powerful and had high status within the tribe. In addition, Yier never complained, and even kept saying that Yalike was a good man. That made it truly difficult for outsiders to say anything.

As for the existence of Aimiya, the other beastmen had ended up turning a blind eye. That was even though, in the beastman world, the beastmen were highly loyal to their sub-beasts.

However, Yalike was truly under unique circumstances. He had already reached adulthood at an earlier time, while Yier had not grown past adolescence. Every few days, adult beastmen would have to experience a type of primitive restlessness. A sub-beast could not understand the feeling, but the beastmen were extremely aware of it.

That kind of wild and crazy heat that they were incapable of suppressing, it was honestly unbearable.

The more powerful the beast was, the more aggressive their restlessness would be. The fact that Yalike could tolerate it without going mad showed that his endurance was extraordinary.

Perhaps it was precisely because he had been bearing it for so long that Aimiya’s appearance was like his last straw to clutch at. Aimiya swiftly captured Yalike’s heart. He was a mature and beautiful sub-beast, very good at understanding others—like a beautiful flower. Yalike had always had an extremely conceited mentality, and he felt that such a high-level sub-beast should belong to him.

At this moment, it seemed like Yalike had completely abandoned the Aimiya who was worn out and trodden on.

The beastmen were too astonished!

So…what exactly happened?

Qin Mo saw all the animals when they arrived, but his expression did not reveal any surprise. He had received some of Yalike’s memories, so he naturally knew of the people in front of him.

He held Shi Qing and while striding away he commanded, “Put them in the prison.”

It was not until Qin Mo left that the other beastmen regained their senses.

After a moment they all became aware that, behind where they had been focused, there was actually another beastman!

He was completely unfamiliarnot a beastman of the Yassin Tribe!

It was a gigantic eagle.

The huge polar bear strode forward and then transformed into his human form while looking down at the bird.

He examined the giant eagle carefully until he located a hexagonal imprint beneath the feathers on its side; he was from the Kro Tribe! He was actually a beastman of the Kro Tribe!

The giant eagle’s throat was torn, but the strength used had been just right. Although it was seemingly drenched with blood, it still retained its final breath; it was not completely killed.

The huge polar bear thought for a little bit, then took out some precious medicine and used that to stop the giant eagle from bleeding further.

A mottled tiger next to polar bear also saw the symbol on the giant eagle. The Kro Tribe was the Yassin Tribe’s mortal enemy. The two tribes were helplessly intertwined, ceaselessly vying against one another over territory. Whenever members of these two tribes met in person, they would pounce on the other and attack without saying anything further. The Yassin Tribe had lost many beastmen to the Kro Tribe, so the moment they saw a member of that tribe they would gnash their teeth with hatred.

When the tiger saw that the huge polar bear actually gave that damned giant eagle medicine to stop the bleeding, he immediately bristled, “Da Bai are you insane? That’s the enemy! You actually saved the enemy!”

The huge polar bear got in his face and burst out with anger, “Your mother, you must not have much for brains. Do you think with the chief’s combat ability he would be unable to kill this giant eagle? Since it’s still breathing, you can rest assured it’s certainly still useful!”

Once he finished speaking, he was no longer concerned with that foolish tiger. He arranged for several people to carry the giant eagle.

After that he looked towards Aimiya once again.

This sub-beast was a bit harder to handle.

First of all, the special qualities of the sub-beasts made them very precious to the beastmen, who cherished them. Even if the sub-beast was an enemy captive, they would still be well cared for in an effort to reform them. If possible they would not let them emerge and perish on their own.

As for their own tribe’s sub-beasts, they would simply hold them with both hands. After all…many beastmen were still single…If you did not cherish the sub-beast then there would always be someone else lined up and waiting. For example, Erha from their team had always waited hungry and thirsty for any sub-beast anywhere. He was now convinced that the popular Wang was actually his.

Plus, Aimiya was Yalike’s man…it was honestly not easy to handle.

However, someone immediately helped relieve the huge polar bear of his difficult problem.

The rhinoceros was preparing to carry the giant eagle to the prison, but just as he came up to him the giant eagle’s entire body shrank. Suddenly, he was only half a meter long.

The beastmen were shocked. It turned out that the giant eagle had actually been enhanced!

The beastmen could be enhanced by sub-beasts, but the sub-beast had to be present.

Thinking back on the scene just now, Yier was not yet in adulthood so he simply did not have that ability. Yalike was a beastman so he need not even be considered. The only adult sub-beast capable of that…was Aimiya!

A swishing sound was audible as everyone shifted their line of sight onto Aimiya.

Aimiya had enhanced the giant eagle. Aimiya had enhanced a giant eagle belonging to the Kro tribe!

It was important to note that no sub-beast could easily enhance just any beastman. In order to achieve enhancement, the sub-beast and the beastman needed to have some kind of relationship with nearly 100% cohesion.

Only in this way could the sub-beast become familiar enough with the beastman to suppress their restlessness, while at the same time learning to enhance their unique strength.

During their enhanced state, the sub-beast and beastman were connected. The sub-beast sent their formidable spiritual power into the beastman’s body in order to take control of their own restless energy, and then used that energy to rapidly increase the beastman’s attack power.

If Aimiya enhanced the giant eagle, it was enough to confirm the relationship between Aimiya and the giant eagle…

The huge polar bear’s face immediately changed colours. He did not hesitate to pick up Aimiya without a single trace of tenderness, then went to callously throw him into prison.

In the world of beastmen, betrayal was absolutely unforgivable.

Overall, the living environment of the beastman world was incomparable with that of mankind.

There were absolutely no advances in science and technology. There was at least an intelligent sub-beast who invented many simple daily necessities. Things like tables, chairs, various dishes, and even cutlery.

Even though they resided in a fixed living area, the so-called houses were basically just round dirt hills. Although it seemed like it should be interesting, from the outside it actually appeared to be abandoned.

The houses provided shelter from the wind and rain, but there was not much else going for them.

As the high-ranking chief, Yalike’s home could be considered ‘luxurious’. It was still just a dirt hill, but it was larger than the others, as well as being a little brighter and more spacious. A large crystal was pushed through the ceiling to make a skylight, and that was considered sufficient illumination. As for the rest…Hehehe, do not think too much. There was only a wooden bed, table, and chair.

Qin Mo carried Shi Qing straight back, the entire way to their place.

Along the road, Shi Qing received many undisguised and curious stares.

He was extremely embarrassed (囧) and thought that he was losing face due to being carried, but the beastmen were actually astonished by the fact that Yalike was carrying Yier.

Although they were shocked, the truth was that in the bottoms of their hearts, everyone loved to hear and see it.

Although Aimiya was beautiful and favoured by the chief, his character was arrogantespecially for someone who was halfway considered an outsider. He showed no affection whatsoever towards any other beastmen, and he was very disdainful  towards any low-level beastmen. He had nothing to do with the others, so the beastmen of the Yassin Tribe did not have a good impression of him.

However, Yier was entirely different. He was born and bred in the tribe, he had a gentle nature, and he treated people with kindness. Additionally, he was also Yalike’s exclusive sub-beast; he was bestowed as a blessing from the Beast God! The people felt that he far outstripped Aimiya!

Therefore, at that moment, when the tribe’s beastmen saw their great chief holding Yier in his arms, they finally felt like the darkness hidden down in their hearts was being released.

Yalike finally woke up to reality! He finally discovered true love!

That beast has finally figured out what true gold is! The chief’s murky image could finally be sparkling and shiny once again!

We look forward to your proper union and the birth of a healthy, intelligent, cute little beast! (……)

If Shi Qing had been aware of the thoughts of the beastmen, it was likely that he would directly abandon the mission, regardless of the consequences, and flee. This world was too terrible, come save me elder brother quick-guide!

Qin Mo went all the way back to his dirt home. Shi Qing was free, so he jumped down, finally able to have his feet firmly planted on the ground.

Qin Mo looked at him and frowned slightly.

Shi Qing took note of his moodiness and thought Qin Mo was worried that he had sustained injuries. Shi Qing earnestly wanted to explain, conveniently using that as an excuse to brag about his godly escape technique, when Qin Mo started speaking.

“You. Go back into the jade pendant.”

Shi Qing: “!”

“You mustn’t run around all over the place.”

Shi Qing: “…”

Who could tell him, how does he respond to this type of dialogue?

Host, are you really not teasing me? You aren’t trying to show off your sense of humor?

Shi Qing, with his face like 囧, looked at Qin Mo’s incomparably serious demeanor. He could not see a trace of evidence that he was joking around.

So…you were serious?

Shi Qing quietly took a few deep breaths to calm down; he could not treat a psychopath the same way he would treat ordinary people.

He adopted the same serious and looked at Qin Mo, then solemnly said, “Although I am a system, I also have to complete this mission. My job is properly acting in the role of Yier. The mission has already begun, so unless I give up the on it, I cannot leave Yier’s body.”

Despite his words, Qin Mo’s expression did not soften at all.

Shi Qing was forced to continue the struggle, “It was just random, the landing site deviated, but I have successfully crossed over. There were no mishaps, I won’t run around all over again!”

With this guarantee, Qin Mo’s ice-cold face showed slight relief.

Just when Shi Qing relaxed, he found himself dumbfounded almost immediately.

Qin Mo hooked one hand around Shi Qing’s waist, pulled his body in close, buried his head in the youth’s neck, and then softly licked his tender skin. Along with that heat, he warned him in a husky voice, “Remember what you said.”

Shi Qing was not sure how to handle it. When Qin Mo had licked him before in cheetah form he was just like a big cat, but now that Qin Mo was in his human form, it was totally different.

Too…too ambiguous!

It was extremely ticklish, while at the same time his forehead began to heat up uncomfortably. Meanwhile, the only thing Shi Qing could hear was the sound of his heart beating violently within his chest.

This…what’s going on?

Shi Qing opened his eyes wide—he simply could not suppress the fierce and wild emotions rising up inside. The feeling was inexplicable, he could not speak, he was caught completely unprepared…

Just when he thought he had no idea what to do, he felt an intense and abrupt pain from the pit of his stomach. Shi Qing did not even have time to respond; he completely lost consciousness.

It seems Erha is delusional? Also, the polar bear beastman’s name, Da Bai, means big white. Heh.

I intend to work on Chapter 26 next, so hopefully I can get that out asap. Big reveal ya know.

This chapter was for Rai. You are awesome.

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