PUP Volume 2 Chapter 8

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

Reporting for the students of Providence Academy had ended for several days now, and the academy had welcomed many new people and things.

Thanks to an anonymous author on the Magic Bulletin, after a few days the strange incident of ‘mysterious student repeatedly moved a boulder’ declined, and other, better news came out.

Xi Wei had started his work of moving the boulder 20 times a day during the afternoon. Since he did this for several days in a row, the initial excitement of such a bizarre incident had vanished. Now there was an occasional passerby who would snicker, but they did not disturb Xi Wei’s work.

However, today was obviously unusual. Now that Zeno was fully prepared, he started his investigation. When he finally found the exact location of the hill and he saw Xi Wei was diligently working as he carried the giant rock. He was finally able to let out a sigh of relief before his breath got caught in his throat again.

Xi Wei was wearing the ordinary school uniform just like other students. However, he always kept his head down. He did not want to attract anyone’s attention. When he left the hillside. He was once again an unknown student.

Zeno silently walked behind Xi Wei but did not speak. Just like a shadow, wherever Xi Wei went, he would follow. The protagonist climbed uphill, he also climbed. The protagonist descended the hill and he would follow.

Therefore, the headlines on the next day’s Magic Bulletin became ‘the rock moving student is lucky in love, a little loli was searching high and low for him’.

Zeno was still testing the waters, he did not want to push the protagonist too much. He went to climb the hill with Xi Wei every day. Then when it was time for the seal to activate, he would go back to his room and head straight to bed. Then, the next day, he would get up and look for Xi Wei again.

Fortunately, when the news on the Magic Bulletin came out, it was impossible to clearly see anyone’s face. Plus, with everyone wearing the same style of uniforms, it was very difficult to recognize them. So Zeno’s three roommates were unable to recognize him as one of the major characters of gossip currently on the Magic Bulletin.

On the second day, after careful observation, Zeno concluded that Xi Wei did not reject him following. So, he began to try his best to help, such as pulling his clothes to prevent him from falling down when going downhill. Or, when going uphill, pushing his buttocks from behind.

Although he was small and weak, he tried not to idle. Yet, even though Xi Wei may not have been tired, Zeno would already start sweating and panting. Whenever this happened, Zeno would curse his weak magician’s physique. What good was there being a magician, they are as weak as a chicken, as a man, one should go on the road of a warrior!

Thinking about it, reality really was ruthless, shameless and unreasonable.

His innate physique gave him a real headache.

Zeno continued to persist for a week. On the seventh day, there were basically no onlookers. He did not know if it was because of immense improvement, but the time it took for Xi Wei to go back and forth was getting shorter and shorter.

Zeno was planning to head back so he could go to sleep. Anyway, the protagonist was going to come back tomorrow to move the stone more. He had already prepared for this long-term war of resistance. But at this time, he saw Xi Wei put the stone down.

Zeno’s hand pulled on the corner of Xi Wei’s clothes, worried that Xi Wei would push him away.

“You are getting faster and faster.”

With such a slightly taunting tone, Belle approached slowly.

Both Xi Wei and Zeno stayed quiet together for a long time. They had not said a word to each other in these last few days. However, when Belle appeared, Zeno could clearly feel a slight fluctuation in Xi Wei’s mood.

A sense of crisis arose in Zeno’s heart. I hadn’t been around you for only a few days! When did you and this femme fatale get to know each other?

For your safety stay away from her, protagonist!

Zeno thought that it was about time to start acting again. Xi Wei must not be related to Belle!

So when Belle turned her gaze to him, Zeno determinedly took the risk to cling to the protagonist’s thigh. And with a 30% real and 70% fake pitiful, soft tone that could be sympathized with he said, “Baba.”

Belle was obviously stunned by this unexpected name, but her shocked expression quickly turned to one of disgust. Indeed, for a 16-year-old boy to have a five to six-year-old child, he’s scum.

Xi Wei did not care about the thoughts of ​​this noble girl. Although he had reached the age of germination, he did not have a budding heart like ordinary teenagers.

How could Xi Wei survive so many betrayals in the original work?

Obviously, it was because his heart was harder than diamonds. How else could he so quickly make the decision to sever connections with the child he personally raised after knowing the truth? Probably only the author knew the answer.

The hillside seemed to be particularly lively today. Soon after Belle arrived, Evan also appeared. He saw that Zeno had not even looked up and said in surprise, “Little sister, don’t you have to go back to your room, the seal should activate soon.”

Xi Wei saw him and turned back to pick up Zeno, he then threw Zeno to Evan, “Take him back.”

Evan jumped up and caught Zeno with ease, “Why should I help you send your lovely daughter back? You don’t plan to have me marry your daughter1?”

Zeno secretly kicked Evan’s stomach.

Evan felt the sharp pain coming from his abdomen, yet he could only smile bitterly. After all, he was the one who was in the wrong.

Xi Wei saw Zeno’s small movement, and his mouth rose up ever so slightly. His eyes flashed a hint of approval, but it only lasted for a little while, before he instantly covered it up, “You take him back, and I will fight you.”

This was a slap in the face, but Evan understood it. This time he was very refreshed. He gestured Xi Wei with a no problem sign and jumped into the distance. No matter how hard Zeno struggled, he could not break free.

It was like Evan’s body was boneless. He managed to avoid Zeno’s punches and kicks accurately every time. Zeno clenched his teeth so hard, it felt like they were going to break, but his heart was too anxious. The protagonist had Evan take him away, what is he planning to do with Belle? That sister really isn’t good, stay away from her!

Xi Wei, who hadn’t moved, stayed silent as he waited. After a long time, Belle reluctantly said, “Since you have finished, come with me.”

Belle walked slowly as she was remembering the conversation she had with her father that morning. She still felt a little unwilling. She had not played enough yet. She could not understand why Clark took a liking to this kid.

This morning, Principal Colin picked up today’s Magic Bulletin. After reading for a while, he pointed to Xi Wei and asked Belle, “Belle, this new student, his physical quality is quite good, I haven’t seen such a good seedling in a long time.”

Belle glanced at him, and her heart was slightly annoyed with her carelessness. Yet on the surface, her face didn’t change, “He’s just a work-study program student, Father. There hasn’t been any work in the college recently, so I especially found this job for him, so that he can earn some money.”

Colin applauded and glanced at his beautiful daughter. He was pleased to know that his daughter was getting better at handling college affairs. He could rest assured when he retired. He must say that the thing he was most proud of in this life was having such an excellent daughter.

In order not to dampen his daughter’s enthusiasm, Principal Colin offered to help, “So, my dear Belle, bring him over, so I can see if I can help him, too.”

Belle went stiff, she could not understand why she had to bring this lowly beggar to see her great father. Her father was already a Sage2, so why should he still manage the lives of these peasants?

Although Belle was fearless, she still respected her father. And even though she was unwilling, she did not dare to go against her father’s wishes.

It was the third time Xi Wei stepped out of the transmission array, and now he finally managed to see the legendary principal.

The principal was a very kind old man. He gave off the same type of vibe as Clark. Yet, his temperament made people feel that he was worthy to be the principal of Providence Academy.

He was not aloof like Belle, or distant. Nor was he eccentric like ordinary Sages, but instead, more like an ordinary retired old man, reading the newspaper while drinking tea.

But how could Xi Wei dare to look down on him; he was already hard-pressed enough dealing with Belle.

“Young man, what is your name?”

“Xi Wei.”

“So Xi Wei, what kind of work do you want to do?”

“Principal, do you accept disciples?”

The irrelevant reply stunned Principal Colin and Belle. Belle’s beautiful face showed an expression of anger, feeling that she was deceived. She always thought that Xi Wei just wanted a favor from her father; she did not think he was even greedier.

However, she stayed silent, so Principal Colin took the lead, “Kid, you have no magical talent, even if I accept you as a disciple, I am unable to teach you anything.”

Xi Wei rarely talked as much as he did right then. He repeated Clark’s words to Colin, and to his surprise Colin readily agreed. For one, Colin had a personal relationship with Clark, and second, Xi Wei was such a genius that he could not let him go, so he promised to take a look at Zeno.

At this time Zeno was forcibly sent back to his dorm room by Evan, and by a very slight margin, he managed to get back before the seal was activated. He was currently resentfully cursing Evan to never be able to fight again.

“Curse me again, I still won’t let you leave.”

It was the coldest time of winter, so there was snow everywhere. Nevertheless, Zeno was determined to wait for Xi Wei outside in the cold. He refused to respond to Evan’s invitation to enter his room. Unexpectedly, Evan was actually one of Xi Wei’s roommates. This was another example of fate.

The outside air was so cold, the temperature was slowly dropping to freezing. While Zeno was angry, he would look at the road to the dorm from time to time.

Right now he was trying to use the strategy of harming himself to act pitiful for Xi Wei.

Evan shruggedhe really could not understand the thought processes of this strange father and son pair.

Zeno was standing there waiting for Xi Wei to appear. His legs had gone numb, and his whole body was starting to freeze when Xi Wei finally came.

Xi Wei had no expression. When he saw Zeno’s blue lips and pale cheeks, he rubbed his lips and revealed a little hostility.

Such an obvious ruse of self-harm, only a fool would be unable to see through it.

Zeno was gambling on this technique. If this did not work, then he really had to change his strategy.

Fortunately, his gamble was successful.

When he was hugged by Xi Wei and leaning on that familiar shoulder, Zeno very tactfully admitted his first mistake, “Baba, I’m sorry, I was just afraid that you were going to leave me.”

Xi Wei went stiff, it was obvious that there was still a shadow left by Zeno’s excessive intelligence.

Zeno hurriedly grabbed Xi Wei’s neck with a death grip and whispered, “Baba, do you forgive me for good?”

Xi Wei was silent for a long time, and when he finally spoke, it was the same simple phrase he said all those years ago, “I will take care of you.”

I will take care of you, whether in the past or present.

Isn’t Piper just a delightful panda!? Thanks to her excellent hard work we have made it here much much muuuuch faster than we would have originally. I’m in the process of working on the next chapter of PUP, and then more RAAS will hopefully follow closely behind.


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  1. I believe there is something in chinese culture that has to do with sending a girl back home is one of the rituals for getting married. Not only that but doesn’t Evan know Zeno is a boy? 
  2. For those of you who forgot, Sage is the 7th rank in this book’s 9 rank power system. Here is a repeat of it just in case; Magic Apprentice, Junior Magician, Intermediate Magician, Senior Magician, Magister, Great Magister, Sage, Deity Forming, and Deity 

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