RAAS Chapter 24

The beautiful sub-beast’s mellow voice was like bird song, very pleasant to the ears, even when it clearly revealed a terrified and uneasy heart. His beautiful eyes were watery, filled with hope and expectation for his beastman hero to come.

All of that was coupled with the unique spiritual guidance of the sub-beast. Supposing that the original Yalike had come in that moment, it was likely that he would have instantly trusted in those words.

What a pity, the core had changed.

The cheetah moved forward with graceful steps, not giving him so much as a glance, and instead headed over to where Yier was sitting on the ground.

Yier was still in the adolescent stage and his full animal form was very small. He had short, silver-white, fluffy hair, and peeking out from his hair were two semi-circular supple and furry black ears. In the middle of his lower back was a white, slightly curled little tail.

Owing to the cheetah’s attentive gaze, the adolescent was in a cheerful mood. His eyes were bent into crescent moon shapes and the small ears on top of his head, along with the little tail near his behind, unconsciously trembled.

Without waiting for the young sub-beast to open his mouth to speak, the cheetah bowed slightly and rested its warm, velvety smooth head against him. His sharp teeth rested against the slender clavicle, and he extended his tongue to lick the adolescent’s exquisite neck.

All felines have barbed tongues, so if they lick forcefully then they could absolutely cause harm. However, licking gently like that with such little force was more like brushing someone with feathers; at most it was exceedingly ticklish.

Shi Qing giggled without any apprehension, then retreated as he mildly protested, “Don’t…don’t, so ticklish…”

Aimiya was at a loss. He originally thought that Yalike would tear that slut’s throat to shreds in wrath. He did not think that he would just softly lick him; the action was tender and a little ambiguous, like he was appeasing the other…

No…This was a declaration of sovereignty…

This was simply proclaiming the exclusive rights to monopolize the sub-beast that belonged to oneself!

Aimiya was alarmed by the thoughts going through his mind, but he immediately denied the ideas.

Totally impossible! Yalike was very disgusted by Yier. Even if Yalike did not believe him and thought that Yier was innocent, it was impossible that such a sudden shift in his attitude could immediately be approved of by Yier!

Aimiya was growing increasingly apprehensive within his heart, but in the current circumstances he had no alternatives. Barui’s life or death were unknown and he was a sub-beast, not a beastman that was brave and good at fighting.

If he could not capture Yalike, he was only left with a dead end.

He concentrated his mind. Through self-discipline,  his spiritual guidance abilities had reached perfection. If that was added to the deep feelings he had cultivated with Yalike, even if the other man’s heart harboured doubts, it was unlikely he would lay down his affections so swiftly.

Surely Yalike still loved him!

He adopted an even more delicate posture and his eyes filled with tears. In an increasingly soft voice, he practically begged in a tenderly affectionate murmur, “Yalike…Don’t you want me?”

Sub-beasts have a deadly attractive force towards beastmen. Aimiya’s appearance was extremely beautiful and he had expert acting abilities. That kind of appearance was indeed a temptation that a beastman would be incapable of resisting.

Sure enough, the cheetah that had stayed away from him finally came over.

Aimiya’s eyes lit up and he could feel the excitement within his heart, but he knew this was a crucial moment—he absolutely could not expose his cloven foot1.

He looked at the cheetah in front of him obediently and quietly muttered, “Yalike, I’m afraid…”

Just as his voice faded, there was a sudden cloud of white fog and the originally calm-looking cheetah instantly transformed into a tall, handsome man.

He had short brown hair, eyebrows, high and tapered eyebrows, a straight aquiline nose, and thin, clear lips2. He had a very bright and handsome face, but none of his other features compared to his ink-black eyes that were as deep and dark as the night sky.

For a split second Aimiya stared ahead blankly. This was Yalike. Indeed, this was Yalike, but he possessed a powerful and imposing manner that felt different from the usual Yalike.

He seemed even stronger than his animal form and released an incredible pressure. His aura was calm and elegant; his powerful presence would cause anyone around to be filled with dread.

The man slowly walking before his eyes was not like a mere brave beastman, or even the chief of a tribe. He was more like someone from another world, like a Beast God unrestrained by fear…

What magic in the world could cause this?

Amiya was shocked by the thoughts in his heart. He could no longer maintain any spiritual guidance and his feigned attitude crumbled. He genuinely fell to the ground. The terror within his heart grew like a vine, penetrated his skin, and poured out of him as a cold sweat.

The man walked in front of him, bowed slightly, and softly called, “Aimiya?”

Aimiya looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar man before his eyes. Not knowing what to do, he forced himself to smile. His smile was rigid like it belonged on a corpse and he only managed to answer with great difficulty, “Yalike…”

The handsome man revealed a smile permeated with evil, “Do you know why you’re not dead?”

Aimiya’s eyes opened wide in horror. Now that he was directly looking at the man face-to-face, he finally realized the truth; this man was absolutely not Yalike!

Who was he? Who was it?!

A moment later, the bewitching voice suddenly grabbed his very heart, “Because, I don’t want you to have a good death.”

Shi Qing could not hear the conversation between Qin Mo and Aimiya clearly, he could only see the two men’s expressions and movements. In the end, he was truly disgusted by Aimiya. The ability to invert black and white3 within a moment, yet still sound sincere, really came in handy I guess! He could open his mouth to talk nonsense as easily as one ate jelly beans!

If Shi Qing had not transferred into the originally timid Yier’s body, even if he did not die here, he would have been unjustly killed!

At this thought, Shi Qing felt that Aimiya was even more vile. So what if he was so good-looking? His behavior was extremely disgusting.

However, he was still a little bit uneasy. He was afraid that Qin Mo would succumb to the impulse to dispatch the scum he had just captured. Shi Qing was no Virgin Mary; he certainly did not sympathize with Aimiya. It was just that it was best to let Aimiya live for now since he may still prove useful.

To his relief, it seemed that Qin Mo merely spoke to him briefly and did not kill him. Shi Qing could not help feeling somewhat ashamed. Look, his host was nevertheless very reliable. Was it possible that until now he had imagined Qin Mo to be more fiendish than he truly was? Perhaps his host’s essence had not been thoroughly blackened?

Oh my! It was indeed a discovery worthy of celebration!

Shi Qing was immersed deep within his own mind and unconsciously smiled, bending his eyes. It was not until Qin Mo came over and stooped down beside him that he snapped out of it.

He was in a cheerful mood and wanted to express to his host that he was deeply moved in his heart. Before Shi Qing could open his mouth to speak, the man in front of him bent down, held him by the waist, and then lifted him up into his arms.

His feet were lifted off the ground and his body was suddenly raised. Although Shi Qing did not cry out in alarm, it was done when he least expected it so he was frightened at first.

By the time he had reacted, Shi Qing’s forehead had already been fit snugly against the sturdy chest before him.

Shi Qing stared blankly, then began to resist a second later. Mother fucker! What is this! The legendary princess carry? Ah ah ah! Too too shameful!

At that moment, the disparity between their body sizes was especially evident. Since he had not reached adulthood, Yier still had quite small arms and legs. Confronted with the body of a strong and vigorous beastman in the adulthood stage, he wanted to break freethis was just making fun of him.

Shi Qing’s face was flushed with anger as he exerted all of his strength in his struggle. Qin Mo bowed his head, smelled his neck, then ordered softly, “Don’t move.”

Shi Qing really did not dare to move. He was ticklish, super-unable to endure, and just a moment ago the cheetah had licked him and it had really tickled. His current position was very ambiguous. He had been tangled up over and over again, but he still wanted to break free. However, Qin Mo’s head was still hanging down in that position…

Shi Qing was alarmed, but he did not dare to move at once.

At this moment, they heard the sound of many footsteps approaching. The sight that followed that sound was frightening enough to make a modern man piss himself.

Holy crap that’s a lot of fierce-looking animals!

A lion, tiger, rhinoceros, husky, grey wolf, grizzly bear… there was even a big polar bear huffing and puffing…and many more! How does a husky fit in there?

You silly cute husky4, you’re on the wrong team!

If you’re stupid enough to stay in this group of ferocious beasts won’t you just be eaten?

Although Shi Qing had known all along that this was a beast world and that everyone was a beast, now that he saw it in front of his own eyes, the impact was not small.

The group of animals rushed in like fiends and the scene that greeted them left them completely stunned.

They were the beastmen of the tribe, as well as the tribe’s officials. They were originally in a meeting to discuss official business with Chief Yalike. Specifically, they were determining whether their resources would be enough to support the tribe this year, whether their subordinate tribes had submitted their tributes in time, as well as the beastmen guarding the tribe’s surroundings. In addition, some…unmarried beastmen wanted to propose marriage to a mate and arrange the wedding…

Generally speaking, it was a routine meeting. In the past, it was unnecessary to handle these matters during regular meetings. However, since Yalike was promoted to the role of chief and then met Aimiya, he was not often seen. The greater part of his time was spent hanging out with Aimiya, so he spent far less time properly managing the tribe’s affairs.

It was known that Yalike always attended the regular meetings, so his officials always rushed to those meetings in order to report the current state of affairs to him. One after the other they were anxious to speak with him, extremely worried that he would take off at any moment.

Yalike had not completely lost his mind, so he would honestly attend the regular meetings all the way until the end. Moreover, once he left Aimiya, Yalike’s IQ obviously rose back up again and he regained the firm and unwavering attitude that he had in the past. At that time he would manage to deal with things in a way that gave people the utmost confidence in him. This was one of the main reasons his officials had not already rebelled against him.

The current meeting had been about half-way complete. Erha, the husky, was anxiously awaiting the end of the meeting so he could put forward the subject of marriage to Yalike. He wanted to get marriedI really want my own sub-beast, don’t you know!

Unfortunately, they had just passed the midway point and the huge polar bear had not even reported on matters related to their periphery guards, when Yalike suddenly jumped up and strode out of the meeting.

The lion and tiger that were at Yalike’s side wanted to inquire after where he was headed. However, when Yalike turned his head to look at them, it was like his deep black eyes were looking straight at their souls. The two beastmen were left completely dumbfounded.

In the blink of an eye, the chief disappeared!

One after another, all those present turned into their animal form and wildly chased after the direction he left in.

However, who among them did not know of their chief’s reputation as the ‘god of light’ cheetah. His speed was comparable with a ray of light, and across the entire beastman continent there were few equals. How could the others hope to keep up?

Fortunately, they had Erha. Erha had an extremely powerful sense of smell. Within a thousand mile radius, as long as he had locked onto a target, he was capable of locating it.

Yalike was the chief of the tribe, their leader, and the way he lived affected all of them. Erha had naturally recorded Yalike’s scent within his mind long ago. He was now able to make use of his sense of smell and followed it all the way to find the chief.

The crowd quickly gave chase behind him. Never mind their speed, by the time they arrived, they had already missed the most exciting moments.

However, the scene immediately before them was startling enough that their chins dropped straight to the ground.

Aimiya, who had always been regarded as a precious treasure in his hands, was lying alone on the cold ground? In addition, his face was haggard, his clothes ruined, and his neck seemed as if…there was a footprint?

Heavens! Who dared to injure this sub-beast? That bastard would make their chief so angry?

A second look made them even more astonished by what they saw.

Was this not Yalike? Who was he holding in his arms?

On careful examination, those round furry black ears and that adorable little white tail, as well as that cute little round face that was flushed completely red with embarrassment (it was almost over the top)…Was this not Yier?

Doesn’t Shi Qing sound like the cutest little muffin ever?? Are you starting to get a picture of his animal form?

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  1. Idiom – to unmask one’s true nature 
  2. He was described as having water chestnut lips, which is apparently a fairly niche shape that people often need to use plastic surgery to achieve and it involves removing a lot of tissue. It is not a nice sounding description (in my opinion) to those who aren’t familiar with what the term actually means, so I’m just popping it down here. If you google them you’ll find info. 
  3. Distort the truth deliberately. I feel like most people won’t need this footnote, but here it is. 
  4. In pinyin this is erha, which literally means a silly and cute husky. Which is actually the husky’s name. Cruel parents I tell you. 

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