PUP Volume 2 Chapter 6

Translated by: Piper Panda

“What did…you say…”

This time, Master Clark was surprised. “Kid, didn’t you know that this child can’t see from her left eye?”

Xi Wei did not speak. He moved his gaze to Zeno, looked at him in a cold, confused way, hesitated, then said, “You said…can’t be cured…”

Of course, it would be uncomfortable to only be able to see with one eye, but it only affected the size of one’s field of vision. It naturally took time to grow accustomed to, but it was not to the point where one could not take care of themselves. If you wanted to hide it, who would think of it?

Clark was skeptical of his words, but continued, “Oh, what a smart and sensible girl, come, good girl, let me check it out for you.”

In order to avoid the protagonist’s sharp look, Zeno quickly nodded.

Clark put his hands over Zeno’s bare forehead, then slowly extended his spiritual power and enveloped Zeno.

The feeling was quite wonderful. Clark was an earth magician, so his spiritual sense gave off a thick and simple feeling. Zeno did not feel any discomfort when he was being probed.

Finally, Clark took back his hand and turned to Xi Wei, “Has she ever had any unusual things happen to her when she was younger?”

Clark considered that Xi Wei was poor, so he believed the young man did not have much magical knowledge. Therefore, he made his question a bit more conservative.

Xi Wei’s tone was cold, “Someone kidnapped him.”

Clark nodded, “Yep, sure enough, maybe it was during the stimulus that her spiritual sense opened on its own and with no one to guide her properly, she went through abnormal growth.”

It was here that Clark had some doubts, “Generally speaking, being able to voluntarily open her own spiritual sense at such a young age, she should have gone insane, but this child’s mind is completely normal. Who protected her?”

Clark naturally did not know of this child’s mother. Right before going insane, Evelyn’s jade pendant saved poor Zeno’s little life.

Although Xi Wei knew nothing about magic, he was able to detect that something was off about that jade that was destroyed.

It was chilling to think about. If he had bad intentions toward Zeno, would he have been obliterated without knowing it?

The mysterious woman and her strange child; Xi Wei did not have to grow up to know who he should and should not provoke.

Perhaps this seemingly weak child did not need his protection. His efforts had been unnecessary.

However, Master Clark, who did not realize the strange atmosphere between the two people, was still trying his hardest to analyze the problem. “But her premature awakening still had an effect. The child’s left eye is housing a strange energy, that energy is what took her vision. But with just my ability, there is no way to fix it. Though, if you can ask the headmaster for help, recovery shouldn’t be impossible.”

At the end of the conversation, the kind and friendly Master Clark provided his own room to the fake father and son for accommodation. The silence surrounding Xi Wei and Zeno was suffocating, and Master Clark was completely oblivious to it.

Darkness breeds evil and hides everything. In this darkness, the teen and the toddler sat across from each other silent.

People often had this kind of experience. When you felt that the other would say something you did not want to hear, there would be an urge to drag it out for as long as possible.

However, Xi Wei was not a person who liked to drag things out, “You… How much do you remember…”

Zeno struggled to confess, “…Everything…”

The timing of such a showdown was not very good. Unfortunately there was no other choice because Zeno was very clear about the character of Xi Wei; he would not have a second chance.

Once again, the room fell in silence. Zeno seemed to have been waiting for his verdict. It was only after a long time that Xi Wei finally opened his mouth, “Sleep.”

There was only one bed in the room. Zeno jumped out of the chair and groped for the bed using only the faint moonlight that came from the window. However, Xi Wei was still sitting in the chair without any signs of moving. Zeno felt a little disappointed, but he understood Xi ​​Wei’s thoughts. If he and Xi Wei changed positions he might have been angrier when he found out that the person he raised for so long had basically been lying to him all along.

A child who remembered everything from birth, only the word terrifying could describe it. According to Xi Wei’s character, being able to send Zeno responsibly to Providence Academy without throwing him into a forest to fend for himself was already the greatest of kindnesses.

Zeno did not want to fall asleep, but he did not get any rest in Mt Hua Forest on the previous night. A lot happened throughout this day and he was too tired. He finally could not keep awake any longer and fell asleep on the bed while cradling his legs.

When Zeno’s breath evened out, Xi Wei stood up and walked over. He first stared at the little, malnourished face, then pried Zeno’s little hands off from his legs, and straightened his posture, before tucking him in with the quilt. The door to the room was then opened with a ‘creak’ before being closed again.

Since Clark was a magician, it was normal for him to have an independent courtyard within the college. Xi Wei moved through and repeated the basic martial arts movements in the yard, the only light shining down from the moon. The moonlight shone on his lonely figure and left a shadow that swayed along with his movements on the ground.

Clark woke up very early, but he did not expect someone else to rise earlier than him. Xi Wei had been practicing martial arts all night long. Even at this time, he was still in the yard. There was a layer of fog covering the ground this morning, and Xi Wei’s back was covered in morning dew.

Clark admired him out loud, “This kid’s spirit is really good, being able to wake up so early in winter, not many students can do it.”

Xi Wei did not sleep all night, but he did not see anything wrong with that. After all, a warrior’s body was different from a magician’s, who usually had relatively weak physical strength. Not sleeping was just a small thing to Xi Wei.

In fact, every college instructor only had one room for work and study, and Clark gave up his space to Xi Wei.

Today was Monday, the day the new students needed to report to the school. Clark waved Xi Wei over, “It’s still a little early to go report in as a new student. Kid, do you want to go to see the Principal again with me?”

Going to see the Principal was the equivalent to finding a way to fix Zeno’s eye, so Xi Wei silently nodded.

Once again they used a transmission array, and again there was the beautiful girl, Belle, strolling in the yard. Although Belle’s talent was top-notch, if she was any less hard-working, her achievements would not have been nearly as high.

Seeing that the transmission array was lit up again, Belle furrowed her eyebrows and her eyes flashed with a touch of impatience. When she saw that the man who came out of the transmission array was Clark, the same man as yesterday, her intolerance reached its peak. “Clark, why are you here so early in the morning?”

Clark bowed slightly and expressed his respect for Belle, “Miss Belle, I have a life-threatening event and need to see the Principal.”

Belle looked at them coldly, “My father has already gone out, come back next time.”

Clark was surprised, “The Principal was earlier than usual today, sorry to disturb you, Miss.”

Belle snorted softly.

Still achieving nothing, Clark seemed to be afraid that Xi Wei would be disappointed, so to comfort him he said, “It’s okay, although I’m not lucky enough to see the Principal in these two days, the child’s current situation won’t get worse. I can still temporarily suppress her spiritual power.”

Clark was not a God, but anyone who had the ability to save a human life would. This was just ordinary kindness.

Of course, our protagonist had different ideas. He did not understand this kindness. On the way back, Xi Wei asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Clark thought that Xi Wei wanted to repay him, so his appreciation for this young man ended up increasing even more. He was not arrogant, worked hard, and was full of gratitude. Oh, he’s a good kid. He would definitely be outstanding in the future, except for the fact that his personality was a little cold, he was perfect.

Sometimes misunderstandings can be beautiful.

Clark replied, “Being the best student is the biggest reward for me.”

Xi Wei silently noted it down, become the best student? Would he get special treatment from the college? Did the magician named Clark hope that he would do something for him after he got this title? Xi Wei secretly set this goal in his heart.

The two people were thinking completely different things, but they were able to communicate so harmoniously. It was really quite amazing. The art of language  was truly profound.

Zeno, who was able to sleep on a warm bed for the first time after crossing over, was particularly happy. Despite that, he slept a little poorly, and his head had moved from one end of the bed to the other.

However, once he was fully awake, there was not a glimpse of a shadow of Xi Wei in the room. He sat on the edge of the bed and realized that maybe when he was asleep, the protagonist used the dark of night to leave forever. Zeno was stunned and extremely apprehensive. Knocking on his head, he hated that he could not live up to Xi Wei’s expectations.

Zeno, who was in a hurry, lifted the quilt and jumped off of the bed while stumbling to put his shoes on as he ran toward the door.

When he shoved the door open, he rammed into a familiar person.

Zeno was holding onto the protagonist’s calf, shaking with lingering fear.

Zeno, who was an orphan in his previous life, had never had the privilege of being concerned about his loved ones. Xi Wei was the first and only one, and he was not willing to ever separate from him in every sense of the word.

Even if it was his last resort, even if it was only Zeno deceiving himself. He would try to explain it, but he could not let Xi Wei disappear from his life without even saying a word. In the future, he did not want to only be able to hear the protagonist’s name in rumors.

Xi Wei pulled Zeno off of his calf, and Clark said, “Since everyone is awake, we can go to report. It seems that you have no parents or relatives so you can use me instead.”

Master Clark, you are an angel!

Zeno and Xi Wei were both holding their new school uniforms as they left the registration desk with the keys to their dormitory. Zeno only thought afterwards of several ideas to use on the protagonist. Now that it was finally time to separate, could they still be considered as being on good terms with one another?

Can you even believe it? A triple release!? Except chapter 4 didn’t show up on NU, my fault. Be sure to read it!

I have started on the next chapter of RAAS!

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