RAAS Chapter 23

Yier? Yalike’s partner?

The moment these words rushed into Shi Qing’s head, he instantly figured out his identity.

This character was basically an invisible existence throughout all the events that took place. Although he was mentioned from the outset as Yalike’s ‘wife’, after Aimiya appeared, he became a typical punching bag. He was secretly bullied by Aimiya, who reduced him to a shadow. Rather than the chief’s mate, he seemed more like a slave.

Of course, the pivotal point was that Yier’s character was extremely weak. That, coupled with his slow development that had prevented him from reaching adulthood, had left him with deep feelings of inferiority. Yier believed that he was not fit to be Yalike’s partner, so even if Yalike had a new lover, he did not dare to speak up.

It was vital to know that the beastman world and the human world were as different as black and white. Sub-beasts were rare, and although they had no fighting strength, they were very fertile and could produce many strong offspring. Furthermore, they had a strong guiding ability that served to pacify the wild restlessness of beastmen, as well as enhancing their combat strength to a certain degree.

Every beastman desired to have a sub-beast to call his own, but unfortunately the number of sub-beasts were low and the ‘supply did not meet the demand’. The great majority of beastmen did not have sub-beast partners. Only the truly formidable, excellent, and outstanding heroes were able to seek out a match with a sub-beast.

Yalike, after all, was not of low birth. Although, at that time, the Yassin Tribe was only classified as mid-level, Yalike’s father was still the chief. Since Yalike was his only son, the old chief naturally doted on and spoiled the child.

Yier was a sub-beast born in the Yassin Tribe. Although there were no adults capable of judging his aptitude, Yier’s childhood beast form was an adorable small beast, so the likelihood of giving birth to a high-quality beast or sub-beast was extremely high. Moreover, when they were only in their childhood stage, the compatibility between Yier and Yalike was as high as 70%. This was sufficient to illustrate that the Beast God had specifically bestowed Yier upon Yalike to be his exclusive sub-beast.

Therefore, they got married early.

However, who could anticipate that, by the time the old chief died, Yier had failed to mature to adulthood. Sub-beasts in the adolescence stage could not have sexual relations with beastmen who had reached adulthood. They were unable to reproduce, they could not calm the beastman’s wildness, and it was impossible to help increase their fighting strength.

Yalike had his own sub-beast, but it was not quite the same without the benefits. A lot of hostile tribes had even attacked to seize him.

Usually, even if they were faced with derision and mockery, beastmen were unconditionally loyal. There was no such thing as abandoning a sub-beast.

It was important to know that there were too many beastmen that were lonely, tormented at night by their innate restlessness. One could imagine how much they hated the beastmen that abandoned their sub-beasts.

However, Yalike had a completely different identity after all. Since that was coupled with Yier’s slow development, when he and Aimiya carried on together he was barely criticized.

Frankly speaking though, his conduct caused the people of the Yassin Tribe to feel a chill in their hearts.

Even if Yier was unable to undertake the responsibilities of a sub-beast, he was still a sub-beast of the Yassin Tribe, as well as the sub-beast they had long acknowledged as belonging to the chief. Nowadays, however, Yier was treated coldly, neglected, and left to live so pettily and low. This caused the other sub-beasts of the Yassin Tribe to be frightened; they feared that their own beastmen would emulate the chief’s behaviour. At the same time, the beastmen began to call their chief’s character into question.

As a result, Yalike falling in love with Aimiya was simply courting disaster.

What’s more, at this moment Yier discovered that Aimiya was a traitor and that he was communicating with a foreign enemy!

Shi Qing thought through all that had happened from the moment he crossed over and he could not help cursing in his heart. It was fine that he crossed into Yier’s body, but did it not make sense that the main focus should have been the timing and location of crossing over?

The moment he arrived, not only had he bumped into his partner’s male lover along with another man he was carrying out a clandestine affair with, he also immediately exposed his whereabouts…Could it be that this was the legendary rush to throw away his life?

I, your father, don’t want to die as soon as I’ve crossed over! Choose a random character and receive double the points?! So many points, can I eat them?!

Wiping his spit, Shi Qing was already formulating a plan in his mind.

Directly across from him was Aimiya, whose battle strength was negative five, but his adulterous partner1 could not be underestimated.

Daring to infiltrate another tribe for a lover’s rendezvous, his skills must not be discounted!

In terms of Shi Qing’s current constitution, if someone wanted to beat him it would be very difficult; if he wanted to run away they would be no match for him and his total energy.

Not to mention, Shi Qing was not a normal person. He opened the system prompts, and quickly sent a message to Qin Mo, reporting his identity, location and the dangers he had encountered.

After doing that, Shi Qing began to run wildly. This time he was very fortunate; since he had listened to Qin Mo’s advice and chosen this body he had high agility and a flexible body. Although he lacked physical strength, he made up for that with his top-level escape technique, ‘God of a Thousand Miles’.

Even though it was his first time using the skill so his proficiency was not very high, when he activated the skill he felt a crazy pull, so although he did have to exert some effort he was still able to flee at lightning speed.

However, the unknown adulterer was not to be trifled with. Shi Qing saw him immediately change into his animal form and, completely contrary to his expectations, he turned out to be an eagle!

A flying animal, no wonder he infiltrated the tribe so easily!

Shi Qing’s heart was beating like a drum. Although he could move so quickly by virtue of the ‘God of a Thousand Miles’ skill, and the terrain here was also quite familiar thanks to Yier’s memories, he could not escape someone who was flying! Was the distance of a straight line and that of a curved line even comparable?

Shi Qing suddenly had a thought. If others could transform into animals, why not try the same thing? Perhaps Yier’s beast type was also a flying animal!

As he thought about it, the corresponding memory of Yier’s surfaced. Once he saw the youth’s beast, he suddenly had a bad temper!

He determined that it was best to maintain his human form. If he really transformed into his animal form, he reckoned that he would be carried away like leftovers in a doggie bag…

However, Shi Qing was not very worried. He had sent Qin Mo a message, so as long as he could delay long enough, there was definitely no problem!

Furthermore, he still has a little plan. These two dogs could be the keys to fulfilling their mission, so If he could lead them around in circles here and there, when the moment came Qin Mo could capture the two men and see if they were useful in any way.

All along, Shi Qing took advantage of the terrain to evade his pursuer while continuously encircling Aimiya’s location, never straying too far.

As he watched this vigorous pursuit, Aimiya’s gorgeous complexion was clouded with concern that settled into an explicitly ruthless look. He never would have expected that Yier, that waste, would show up here! Moreover, he even discovered the secret of him and Barui!

Barui was the deputy leader of the Kro Tribe, a sworn enemy of the Yassin Tribe. They were making preparations to invade and occupy the Yassin Tribe’s territory with the level seven resources.

If Yier was allowed to escape, his true identity would be exposed. Even if he could deceive that fool Yalike, he could not control the other leaders of the Yassin Tribe. When the moment for action came, they would be on the alert and prepared in advance. In that case, it was difficult to predict the outcome in a struggle for resources!

All of strenuous efforts to conceal his schemes, were they now a waste of energy?

The more he dwelled on it, the more apprehensive he became. Aimiya decided he would join Barui in the pursuit. He was a sub-beast with a fairly small animal form, so although his offensive potential was much lower than a beastman, he was still much stronger than an immature sub-beast.

Yier was merely an adolescent sub-beast, surely he would be able to suppress him!

Thinking like this, he changed his shape in a single shake and rapidly transformed into a small brown deer. He lowered his head that was crowned with antlers and madly rushed at Shi Qing.

Shi Qing was not frightened by the eagle, but he was actually shocked by the appearance of the small deer! This was looking down on someone too mucheven a small deer came to bully him? They were just treating this mighty tiger like a sick cat!

Shi Qing leaped sideways to dodge the eagle’s talons, then turned around, raised his leg, and ferociously kicked the small deer’s neck as he sped past.

Little deer, little deer, you look so cute, how could you show such a fierce expression? It’s a total eyesore.

Aimiya never would have expected that Yier could display such a quick reaction. He was not only able to avoid Barui’s attack, he even managed to respond with his own attack against Aimiya!

The small beast’s body was very weak, so he thought that he could rely on the sturdy antlers sprouting from his head to make Yier suffer losses. He never expected to be kicked and then experiencing pain so severe that he was gnashing his teeth. His originally lovely and pitiful face was immediately filled with malevolent determination.

Aimiya shouted loudly, “Barui! Come here!”

The large eagle chasing Shi Qing abruptly diverted his path and flew toward Aimiya.

Shi Qing was unsure what the current situation was heading towards. He saw the eagle fly down to Aimiya, who did not show the slightest amount of fear. Instead, he spread his arms and embraced the Eagle’s head, closed his eyes, and planted a kiss on the beast’s pointed beak .

If Shi Qing had not received Yier’s memory, he would probably just want to ridicule the two. However, he understood the rules of the world and was clearly aware that this was very bad for him!

Sure enough, after Aimiya let go of the eagle, which was only about half a meter in length, it expanded more than fivefold in size. It now possessed a gigantic wing-span, a pointed beak as sharp as a blade, and huge talons that looked as if they could cut through steel!

This was a fucking monster!

By this time, Shi Qing was in a genuine panic. His current body was not a dagger or a jade pendant, but a real flesh and blood human. It had been unsuitable since he arrived, such nonsense!

Could he escape this time?

He did not want to stay near the other two, so Shi Qing truly started to flee like mad.

The giant eagle was not only larger, but its speed had also increased by several times. In the twinkling of an eye it closed the gap between itself and Shi Qing, only a moment away from impaling his back with its talons.

Shi Qing was tense from head to foot and his forehead had broken out in a cold sweat. Just as he prepared himself to bear the pain of those spear-like talons piercing through his body, a black shadow flashed past at high speed.

Its speed was so great that it was almost invisible to the naked eye. It pounced with lightning speed towards the giant eagle’s throat, leaping so outrageously high that it looked like it was flying. The attack was not only precise, but also ruthless and tyrannical!

The attacked beast released a brutal cry and the sharp scent of blood filled the air. In the wake of the eagle’s intense cries, the battle took place quickly and came to an end almost instantly.

When Shi Qing’s soul finally came back into his body, he glanced over and saw the strong and healthy figure of a cheetah. It displayed an elegant posture, a languid expression, and on its face was a pair of deep black eyes. It was as if he was the king that controlled all the land under heaven; strong and overbearing!

Under his claws was the dying giant eagle. Blood was flowing from its throat and its eyes had rolled back showing only the whites—the unbridled arrogance from before was nowhere to be seen!

Although the form was different, Shi Qing still recognized him at first glance.

It was Qin Mo!

Ao, ao, ao! This cheetah is so handsome! so cool! I really want to touch it! (﹃) Drool…

Qin Mo, so majestic

Aimiya collapsed where he was and his complexion instantly turned deathly pale. Yalike…it was Yalike…

I’m done for…finished…

No! Not yet!

Aimiya suddenly collected his thoughts. His body was filthy and even had a footprint from when Shi Qing had kicked him. At that moment, he dropped softly to the ground. He was wearing white clothes that fit loosely, his figure was weak and thin, and his beautiful face was mournful and melancholic as he cried out, “Yalike, Yier… Yier was actually communicating with an enemy, colluding with a Kro tribesmen. Inadvertently I ran across them, they…they’re going to kill me!”

I had anticipated finishing this chapter earlier, but slept a lot instead. Shi Qing is too deadly, not afraid to fight.

Next I will be working on PUP, gotta deal with that cliffy!

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        “Shi Qing was not frightened by the eagle, but he was actually shocked by the appearance of the small deer! This was looking down on someone too much—even a small deer came to bully him? They were just treating this mighty tiger like a sick cat!”

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