RAAS Chapter 22

This was a fantasy world, so when he began looking through the background information Shi Qing was not too surprised.  

After all, in his past life he read through many novels during his convalescence and they touched upon a wide variety of subjects. A few of the most commonly seen elements in Western fantasy novels were: humans, beastmen, elves, dwarves…a diverse number of races co-existing on a single continent.

So, since it was clear at first glance that beastmen dominated this world, he believed that it must be a Western fantasy based world full of species like taurens or orcs1.  

Sounded like a pretty wild MAN2, don’t you think?!  

He continued reading down the screen full of joy and expectations, but the following content made him deeply understand how ignorant and inexperienced he truly was.  

The beastmen here were completely different from any beastmen that Shi Qing had read about before. There were neither tauren nor centaurs; not even the orcs that everyone was familiar with.  

They were genuine beasts—almost every major animal species was represented. There were fierce and violent beasts, as well as small beasts that were cute and docile. There were even beasts that seemed to have the special duty of acting cute for the last hundred years…  

These beasts had three developmental stages in their lives: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.  

In the childhood stage, their appearance was completely that of an animal. In the adolescence stage, they transformed into the appearance of a human, but they still maintained some of the distinctive characteristics of their animal appearance, such as furry animal ears, long or curled tails, or else adorable little claws. Owing to the instability of this form, if they experienced any extreme mood fluctuations they would revert back to their animal form.  

Finally, those individuals in the adulthood stage had an entirely human form. They were able to fully conceal all of their animal characteristics and capable of freely transforming through the forms. Their human forms had some conveniences, and there were also certain benefits to their animal forms. After they reached adulthood and mastered switching between all three of their forms, they could use the benefits of any form to their advantage.  

All of this was completely acceptable to Shi Qing.  

It was the next piece of information that struck down his three worldviews.  

There were no women in this world! Oh no, to be accurate; there were no female beastmen! 

They were all men!  

Do you wonder how they breed?  

Very good, wonderful, the men in this world can get pregnant and have children!  

OH MY GOD! Shi Qing was sure that his eyes must be blind!  

Shi Qing first learned that two men could fall in love when he was a third year in high school, because at that time there were the life forms known as fujoshis in his school. The Shi family lineage was very high quality, and Shi Qing had inherited his mother’s face. Although he was a boy, his appearance was excessively beautiful. If he was not so active and naughty, as well as being ultra-talkative and friendly, no one would guess. Whenever he was quiet, people would immediately have difficulties determining his gender.  

It was precisely for this reason that while he was in school, from time to time, he would find himself surrounded by a small group of girls. Initially, he was secretly delighted and felt like he was a man full of charisma and charm. Look, those girls were so enthusiastic!  

Later on, he got the faint but distinct feeling that something fishy was going on. The girls did look into his green eyes, but it was not like they were trying to get him as a boyfriend. Rather, it was like they were scheming something…  

It was not until he inadvertently overheard a conversation between two of the girls whom he considered super cute and adorable that he understood, and he was totally stupefied.   

Cute girl A: “Ah ah ah! You didn’t see! Today Shi-er3 and Wu Ban from the student council stood together. That council member’s face was red! So red even Shi-er must have been tempted to become his shou!”  

Lovely girl B: “You’re forbidden from tearing apart my CP! I am firmly on the brother’s side, you obviously did not see the two brothers. Crap! That sly glasses gong went on the attack ah! He’s a great fit with Shi-er!”  


That huge pile of unknown vocabulary poured into Shi Qing’s mind. Aside from the thoughts stupid, stupid, stupid, he could only stare ahead blankly…Fortunately the internet was flourishing by that time, so Shi Qing slipped away to consult with Baidu4.  

He searched for the terms ‘tempted to be shou’ and ‘sly glasses gong’, and the content that showed up made him kneel on the ground.  

This…this is all fucked! So pornographic! So forceful!  

Shi Qing quickly closed the website and then spent a few hours trying to somehow clean up those images from his brain. However, ever since then, he was totally afraid of coming close to those simple, cute little girls…can only avoid!  

Owing to the information being widespread, Shi Qing knew that two men could have true love […], but he never knew that two men together could conceive and have children!  

Compared to Shi Qing’s reaction, Qin Mo only raised his eyebrows and said, “Interesting.”  

Shi Qing: What interesting! Where is this interesting! Host, do you want to give birth to a baby or something?!  

The instant he was struck by this idea, Shi Qing huddled up into a ball and sat in the corner silently drawing circles.  

His host pregnant and giving birth to a child…too, too lost…  

Shi Qing quickly smashed the shameful small theater in his mind, then once again diverted his attention to the background information of the world.  

The central figure of this world was named Yalike, the chief of one of the higher-level beastmen tribes.  

He was young and promising, and well versed in battle. Just after he reached adulthood he succeeded his father’s position and became the military commander as well as chief of the tribe.

At that time, the Yassin Tribe was only a mid-level tribe with medium resources available and no high-level fighters among its residents. Although they had conquered three low-level tribes, due to a lack of development there was also a high-level tribal overtop of them. They had extorted many offerings and gifts from the Yassin all through the years, causing them enormous losses and hindering their development.  

After Yalike’s succession into the chief position, he worked hard perfecting his plans and then led the warriors into a war on all sides. After six years, he was finally able to commandeer land that contained level seven resources. Not only was there sufficient food, but there was also a large deposit of crystal ore; such valuable and fertile land was rare.  

He guided the tribe to greater development, and finally launched a rebellion against the high-level tribe above them a year later. The Yassin occupied their tribal territory, finally becoming a high-level tribe!  

Yalike was the hero of the Yassin Tribe and his valiant and benevolent deeds were spread across the beastman mainland. He was the proud son of heaven, favoured by the Beast God!

Even though he was this type of person, he gradually relaxed and began to pursue his own desires.

The cause of the tribe’s current troubles was a somewhat ridiculous.

Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty.

Yalike had been caught up in war for years on end, leading him to look quite indifferently upon love. His father already chose a mate for him while he was in his adolescent stage. Since his partner was slow to reach maturation, it was not until he ascended to the position of chief that they were hastily married. It was reasonable to say that because the two were similar in age, Yalike’s partner should have also reached adulthood. Unfortunately, for some reason, at the time the Yassin Tribe became high-level his partner was still stuck in the adolescence stage.

When all was said and done, this was a marriage partner set by his father, so even if Yalike was dissatisfied he would not treat his partner badly.

That was the case until Yalike met another beautiful sub-beast,  causing everything to collapse.

At that time, Yalike was already chief and the Yassin Tribe was a high-level tribe. He was young and promising, as well as being handsome and intelligent. Naturally, a large number of sub-beasts rushed to him like ducks5, but he thought highly of himself and never paid any attention to them.

That was until once, when he was hunting, Yalike saved a sub-beast that had been separated from his original tribe—Aimiya.

Aimiya had already reached adulthood. His beast form was a small animal, so although his fighting strength was very low, he was still superior due to his extremely gorgeous appearance. His dazzling looks could brighten a whole room.

After only a single glance, Yalike was completely captivated.

One could say Aimiya indeed had all the tricks he needed. Not only were his looks noble, his mental power was even more excellent. He confused Yalike with his charms, then bound the man with love.

The next month spent in the town was sweet and tender. Yalike always saw, heard, and obeyed Aimiya. He would play with him all day long, completely forgetting himself and not in the least concerned with the tribe’s matters.

Yalike did not listen to the admonishment of others and refused to acknowledge any military affairs. In the long run, Yalike finally lost the hearts and minds of his tribe. It was at this time that an enemy tribe launched a war with the aim of plundering the Yassin Tribe’s level seven resources!

This was the end of the information provided about the world, followed by the main mission assigned to Qin Mo.

Shi Qing earnestly kept reading with the faint idea in his mind that perhaps they would have to protect the tribe in the ongoing war? However, he had underestimated…

“Defend the tribe and annex another high-level tribe. Time limit: one hundred days.”

Yet again they were given a time limit. Qin Mo smiled faintly; he was in a good mood.

Completing the mission one day in advance resulted in a 100 point bonus, so mission completion 50 days in advance was awarded with 5000 points—just like the previous sub-task. What was more, it could be finished even faster. 

At this point, Shi Qing just wanted to curse someone! The points themselves were good! The troublesome part was that, by this point, the Yassin Tribe had been reduced to a mere shell by Aimiya and Yalike! Not to mention the annexation of a high-level tribe, it was unlikely that they would be able to deal with the tribe that was currently at war with them and plundering their resources!

Furthermore, there was a time limit! A hundred days? Please, it took Yalike a full eight years to develop the Yassin into a high-level tribe. How could this stuff be calculated in days?

In the background information on this world, it was vividly written that ‘the Yassin Tribe was the only one that was successfully upgraded to a high-level tribe in the last five centuries’. That explanation, were they being played with?

Could foreigners such as he and Qin Mo, people who may have difficulties accepting this unfamiliar world view, truly be successful in leading the beastmen in a power struggle over the continent?

The prospects were dark, and Shi Qing could not help continuing to visualize the shameful small theatre in his mind…

In his eyes, it was probable that his host only had a few points remaining.

Therefore…they will go.

At the moment they were crossing into the world, Shi Qing heard the quick-guide’s voice, “Since the system has a body, it may play the role of an NPC. If you select your own role there is no reward. If you accept a randomly assigned role, the amount of points awarded in this task will be doubled.”

When Shi Qing heard that, he was stunned. In the next moment his heart had decided; human beings will die for riches, just as birds will die for food. In any case, the deceptive case had already started! They either had to give up, or see it through to the end; this little grandfather will also join the fight!

Without hesitation, he selected the random character option.

After a quick moment where the sky spun and the earth went round, Shi Qing gradually became clear-headed. Since he was placed into a random role, he did not know who he had taken over.

Before he had adapted, he heard a voice nearby.

“You terrible man! Don’t you have any assurance in me? That fool Yalike has already been confused and disoriented!”

“Little baby, I already know you’re capable. With your appearance, no man could resist the desire to dominate you,” the voice grew increasingly obscene with each word, “How was it? Is Yalike able to satisfy you? How about I…”

“Who is there?” Those words were shouted, followed by the ‘whoosh’ of a dagger flying through the air.

As soon as Shi Qing opened his eyes he saw a dagger flying directly at him. Thankfully his new body had extremely high agility and he was able to dodge the approaching danger.

Unfortunately, his movements completely exposed his whereabouts.

The three people stared at one another, then Aimiya’s face suddenly lost all colour and he shouted, “Yier! Why is it you?”

Without waiting for Shi Qing’s response, Aimiya immediately told the man at his side, “Kill him! You can’t let him go! He is Yalike’s mate!”

I had actually intended to put out a chapter of PUP next, but somehow this one went fast. So I will aim to have the former out this weekend. Although I’m going on a little shopping trip so we shall see.

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  1. The Tauren and Orcs are both races in the game World of Warcraft. Thanks google. 
  2. You’re probably sick of me footnoting this, but MAN was in English, in all caps, in the raws. Made it a really awkward sentence too. From now on, assume all caps=English and all caps in the raws. 
  3. Adding the suffix -er onto a name is like a term of endearment. Fufufu. And in this case it MTLs as two o’clock. So confusing! 
  4. Like a Chinese google search. He’s about to get educated something fierce. 
  5. A mob scrambling madly for something unattainable, an unruly crowd on a wild goose chase. 

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