RAAS Chapter 21

“You’re not a woman?”

Shi Qing shouted back, “Of course not!”


Shi Qing’s residual anger had not abated, but Qin Mo’s serene appearance seemed to indicate that he accepted it?

He started to feel a bit more comfortable in his heart, but he remained angry inwardly. Any great man would be unhappy if he was mistaken for a woman! Although he had no form or structure, Qin Mo should not have been able to ignore his virile and powerful aura, as well as his imposing behaviour?

Hmph, forget about it, just wait until I get my body; Qin Mo will be able to personally experience it!

Once he restored his state of mind, Shi Qing continued to struggle with which body to choose.

Qin Mo looked at the options for a while, then said very seriously, “In fact, even if you’re not a woman, you can still choose that body.”

Fuck! This guy won’t give up!

The furious jade pendant firmly rejected him, “Absolutely impossible.”

In an attempt to pacify him, Qin Mo stroked the jade pendant. He changed his selection, pointed at the third male body, and stated, “In that case, this one.”

Shi Qing calmed down and took a look at the last body, and felt the feelings within his heart stirring.

Of the three bodies he could choose, each had differing individual characteristics. The first body was 1.9 meters tall (6’3) and it was built to be both sturdy and robust. Its merits lay in ample amounts of physical power and excessive arm strength. It was well suited for practicing martial arts, and if that was learned it only required half the work for twice the effect. The disadvantages were that it lacked agility and nimbleness, and its magic resistance was very weak. As a result, learning escape techniques and magic skills was twice the normal difficulty.

The second male body was 1.82 meters tall (5’11.5); a fair amount shorter than the first body, but the build was not small. The body was covered with muscles up and down, so it resembled a bodybuilder. The strength and endurance were weaker than the first body, but at the same time it possessed agility and resistance to magic that were both slightly stronger. It could be classified as a mediocre jack-of-all-trades role—one could learn anything, but could never be considered truly proficient.

The third body diverged in the other direction, the height…it was a little bit lower than the second male body; 1.78 meters tall (5’10). The body’s build was normal and it did not feel like it had much strength or power. It was basically a normal Asian male. Since the strength was very weak, it was not suitable for practicing martial arts. However it was extremely agile and had outstanding resistance to magic. Furthermore, it actually came equipped with an amazing escape skill: God of a Thousand Miles!

The prices of the three bodies were each different: 2800,2500,3000.

Yes, that was right, the price of the last body was the highest! Yet there was no choice but to admit, it also had the best quality-price ratio!

At the same time, it was also the most suitable option for Shi Qing. If he suddenly had to return, with a body, to the apocalypse, what would be best? Would he prefer to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the zombies, or hide at a distance and attack with fatal magic spells?

Obviously the latter!

It stood to reason that Shi Qing ought to select the third body without the slightest hesitation, but he had a sore point…

He had constantly kept it in mind that he wished to be on par with Qin Mo’s high level of strength!

Qin Mo’s height, although he had not measured it, was at least 1.86 meters (6’1). In addition, Shi Qing had seen the man’s figure first-hand—it was quite impressive!

Unlike the first and second body that were so heavily musculed, he was truly just perfect; a balance of strength and beauty. Especially in that moment when he was half-naked, he was truly fucking sexy!

Shi Qing was almost drooling as he reminisced, and then he once again looked over the first and second bodies.They were the spitting image of wild animals bursting with muscles. Even if they were tall enough and strong enough, they simply did not look that good.

Thinking that way, it seemed even more unnecessary to choose either of the first two.

Qin Mo spoke up once again, “The third body is lean. Even if you eat more, as long as you remain physical you’ll have no problem bouncing back.”

Eat more! I can eat more!!

This sentence successfully poked at Shi Qing’s weak spot. In his previous life he was a genuine foodie, but in the later stages of his stomach cancer he was completely cut off from every culinary delicacy. He could only drink water and eat light soups, but even that caused him so much pain he did not wish to continue living.

Since he was blessed with a rebirth, Shi Qing’s most cherished desire was to have a healthy body so that he could properly enjoy many fine foods!

Looking from that perspective, the third body was certainly the superior choice.

With the first and second bodies, if he ate and drank wildly all of those muscles would certainly turn into fat. If he truly became a fat second generation looking at the world superciliously—who could bear to look straight at him…

The third body was clearly thin and lean. This type of body would generally not get fat just from eating. At least, the risk was lower than the first two.

Qin Mo noticed that the dark cloud of fog was still hesitating, so he dropped another heavy bomb, “In fact, you don’t have to think too much. After you accumulate enough points, you can exchange it for a more perfect body.”

Ah! That’s right! How could he forget! As long as he had enough points, he could change his body as he wished. Never mind all that, he could acquire all three bodies and test them all out one by one to see if there there were problems for him!

This was his privilege as a system, how could he forget?

Hehehe. Shi Qing finally chose the body he wanted and at the same moment, 3000 points disappeared from his total. He felt the sky spin and the earth go round, and for the first time in a long time he felt like he had his feet firmly planted on the ground.

He was finally a person again!

He stamped his feet, then stretched out his arms and looked down at his own hands. At first he felt a little out of sorts, but after moving around for a bit he got used to it.

When he compared this new body to his previous, illness wracked, body, it was like night and day. Shi Qing felt light and graceful, full of energy, and extremely carefree!

He was free to choose any appearance, but Shi Qing was fine with his original self. He had long been accustomed to his usual features, so rather than making any modifications he defaulted to his original appearance.

Once he adapted, he raised his head and looked towards Qin Mo. With his eyes bent in a smile, he spoke loud and clear in his melodious voice, “Qin Mo, hello, I am Shi Qing!”

Before Qin Mo’s eyes was a young man of about 18-19 years old. His short hair looked fluffy and soft, framing a pair of bright round eyes that were brimming with vitality. His smile looked like a crescent moon, making him seem extra lovable. His nose was not straight, but it had an excellent shape and looked very delicate. His lips were thin, but they were glossy and rose-tinted. His smile revealed a small dimple on the left that added a touch of cleverness to his appearance.

Qin Mo stared fixedly at the young man’s appearance and in a split-second he replenished the deficiency in his mind; he did not have the slightest barrier to acceptance.

This was his, belonging exclusively to him.

Qin Mo extended his fingers and touched Shi Qing’s bright and clear forehead. After that he slid them all the way down his nose, continued slowly over the youth’s pink lips, down past his slightly pointed chin, and finally came to a stop at his exquisite neck that was as fair and soft as a newborn baby’s.

The warmth passed through the delicate skin and it seemed as if he could feel the hot blood in Shi Qing’s pulsating arteries. The most vulnerable, yet full of life, place was now in the palm of his hand.

This sensation was far stronger than the impact of tightly clutching the jade pendant.

It was real and burning hot, accompanied by an intense desire to control it rising frantically from deep within Qin Mo.

——Shi Qing, you are in my hands. You can only be in my hands.

Shi Qing watched Qin Mo wide-eyed, a little unclear on the situation. With great difficulty he had finally become human again. Face-to-face with Qin Mo, he would naturally want to introduce himself properly so they could become properly acquainted.

Although it was not popular for people from ancient times to shake hands and SAY HI1, certainly it could not be popular to stand face-to-face and touch someone’s neck!

However, Qin Mo’s neuroanatomy could not be considered normal in any way. Shi Qing did not move away. He merely blinked and then called softly, “Qin Mo?”


“That um…” Don’t touch! It’s very ticklish! I’m not a jade pendant nor a dagger!

However, once he had opened his mouth his instincts kicked in. He stared blankly ahead and ultimately did not speak…He just silently pondered the situation in his heart. Qin Mo had probably not adapted to it; a jade pendant suddenly changed into a human being. Anyone would find that a little difficult to accept.

In addition, it seemed that Qin Mo really liked to have something to hold onto within his hand. The jade pendant was gone and that meant that there was nothing else he could touch.

Shi Qing made up his mind that, in the future, he would have to find a good piece of jade for his host. Qin Mo finally released his hand and then made a concluding statement, “This body is pretty good, very healthy.”

…Was this the feeling of a physical examination? That’s not right! Even if you want to take someone’s pulse for a physical examination, why would you hold their neck? Oh, was he feeling the carotid artery?

Shi Qing: o (╯ □ ╰) o, I’m seeking ‘A Guide to Psychopaths’, I need make up classes!

After Shi Qing acquired his body, he was still left with 588 points. He spent 10 points on a set of waterproof and fireproof clothes for himself, and then splurged 300 points on a food-specific extra-dimensional storage space.

It was contained in a wristband; something common in every world. At that price, it came with a massive storage capacity. However, the one shortcoming was that it could only store food and no other materials could be put inside.

Fortunately, the food he stored inside would remain perpetually fresh and never go bad. With that choice, he was clearly making a point. Regardless of which world he travelled to, he was determined that he would never treat his stomach unfairly!

After that, he spent another 188 points and selected innumerable gourmet foods and delicacies.

Shi Qing looked at the bracelet completely packed with food and he felt a strong sense of happiness.

Qin Mo glanced over to see Shi Qing’s eyes bent into crescents, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth, and his small dimple appearing and disappearing. He resembled a satisfied cat.

After he had watched for a while his hands began to itch. Perhaps a jade pendant was better, because then he could hold it any time.

Once Shi Qing had settled his own matters, he ran over to see Qin Mo.

Qin Mo was far wealthier than Shi Qing. He still had more than 5000 points, so he could even exchange for a mid-level cultivation method!

However, Qin Mo did not choose any thing of the sort. Instead, he spent more than 3,000 points to enhance the quality of his body.

With that choice he could not go wrong. His body was strengthened so he would be benefited no matter what he learned from now on.

Afterwards, Qin Mo once again browsed through the nuclear weapons in the system store.

Shi Qing walked closer and asked in puzzlement, “You won’t consider saving points to buy a good cultivation technique?”

Qin Mo was in a pretty good mood and answered, “It’s not necessary, we have no lack of those things.”

This remark was really and truly spoken like a mad tyrant! Shi Qing was stunned and after half the day he finally managed to react. Certainly that is so! Qin Mo came from a high-level cultivation world, and Qin Mo was a well-known and excellent figure within that world, so wouldn’t there be all kinds of great cultivation techniques available? Who would even look at these low-level and mid-level methods? Shi Qing estimated that even if Qin Mo could access high-level techniques, he would not care about them…

On the contrary, Qin Mo had never been exposed to this type of advanced weaponry, so it made sense that he was quite interested.

Qin Mo’s way of thinking was still unknown to Shi Qing. The ordinary nuclear weapons sold by the store would only hurt the nearby cultivators a little, but if it was combined with the spiritual power of a practitioner…

After he had skimmed through everything in the section he opened, Qin Mo plainly stated, “Let’s start the next mission.”

Shi Ching was nibbling on a piece of soft sweet pea cake that was simply too delicious. When he heard Qin Mo speak, he answered inarticulately, “Ok, no problem.”

The two men pressed the button together and then looked over the background information on the next world.

This was a world dominated and ruled over by beastmen. It was also a also a world that toppled Shi Qing’s three world views…

Men could give birth to children…this was fucking unscientific!

I worked really hard, somehow, and managed to have this almost finished before today, allowing me to publish a chapter of each novel on the same day. It’s a miracle.

Also…I am super excited for the next arc.

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  1. SAY HI was in English and all caps in the original, so I have once again left it that way. Sorry this was a pretty boring footnote. 

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