RAAS Chapter 20

Qin Yue was Qin Mo’s half-brother; Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang’s son.

Qin Yue was born many years later, when Qin Mo had already grown to early adulthood. This meant that when Qin Mo reached the Jindan Stage, he had just been born.

There were many benefits to practicing cultivation: a long life span, a powerful body, and the ability to produce offspring at any age. Never mind that Qin Mo and Qin Yue were about 20 years apart, there were even brothers that had been born 80 years apart.

Of course, it was extremely unlikely for most cultivating experts to even have children. If they truly wanted to walk along the path to ascension and immortality, it was important to clear their heart and mind of worldly distractions and cleanly cut off those things that held them back. Dual cultivation was only a convenient and fast method to advance, because when it was time to pursue the final steps towards immortality, it was usually a journey that was walked alone.

For cultivators, having children was very detrimental. In particular, since the mother was carrying the child, they would have to supply their unborn baby with their own vital energy. When they gave birth to their child, the cultivation they had suffered untold hardships for would be damaged and reduced by half. The price was very heavy.

That was why 80% of the couples within the cultivation world who dual-cultivated did not have children. Of the remaining 20%, 80% of them had only one child.

People such as Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang, who actually had two sons, were a rare breed.

In the beginning, Qin Mo was unable to understand why his parents had chosen to pay the price of having another child. However, since he was already an adult by that time, naturally he would not interfere with his parent’s decision. Instead, he chose to challenge the hardships of the Secret Boundary, and search for the Empire Red Hawthorn that only appeared there once in a millenium. It would greatly help repair the damage and loss of cultivation due to pregnancy and childbirth.

At that time, the matter gave rise to a quite the commotion. After all, Qin Mo was so young at only 24 years old. In the cultivation world, he was simply a young child. However, he had already managed to achieve the Jindan Stage that most ordinary people could only reach after at least a century of cultivation. Moreover, he was able to challenge the savage Secret Boundary and return after a decisive win.

Others only saw his magnificent achievements and the glory. On the other hand, Shi Qing had skimmed through almost all of his experiences. Naturally, he saw all the hardships unknown to anyone that accompanied his successes.

Even though he had outstanding aptitude and exceptional intelligence he was, after all, still full of youthful vigour and lacking experience. He challenged the Secret Boundary alone and was repeatedly forced into dangerous situations. If not for his air of arrogance that was distinct from an ordinary person, his lofty ambitions, a resolute heart and formidable toughness and tenacity, who knows how many times he would have already died.

Yet, after almost exhausting his life to obtain the Empire Red Hawthorn, all that he received in exchange from Yue Niang was an indifferent ‘en’.

In the 24 years before Qin Yue was born, Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang treated Qin Mo just like his name; from head to tail they completely ignored him1.

Since most cultivators were reserved in their affections, and because Qin Mo was treated that way by his parents since birth, there was no contrasting evidence to judge their behaviour by. He was made to think that in this land under heaven, that was how parents treated their children.

However, when Qin Yue was born, his so-called understanding was completely toppled.

Qin Zhengjun had always displayed a severe and inflexible character, yet towards Qin Yue he displayed the gentle smile of a loving father. Yue Niang always had a frown on her face and a cold countenance, but when she was together with Qin Yue she became sweet-tempered and warm, her affections as soft as water.

With Qin Mo’s intelligence, how could he fail to see the disparity in their treatment?

Perhaps, from that time, a seed of darkness had already been planted deep within his heart.

As a child, Qin Yue was truly raised with a great deal of pampering and love. Although he was also Yue Niang’s son, since she had already lost her special physique long ago, Qin Yue could not inherit it, thereby escaping Lu Jiuyuan’s attention.

However, at the same time, Qin Yue’s natural aptitude and abilities fell short of those of Qin Mo. On top of that, he was spoiled from childhood until he grew up; the entire Ling Xiao Sect constantly followed him around heaping compliments on top of him. He was brought up to have an extremely competitive and unyielding nature. He regarded himself as gifted and outstanding, never attaching any importance to his older brother who had not been seen for years on end.

Qin Yue waited until he grew up to travel outside the sect and all that passed into his ears were people touting the excellence of Qin Mo. Qin Mo was afforded many honours, and Qin Yue was only referred to in one way—Qin Mo’s little brother.

Everything he thought he was got rapidly pushed down, he was entirely inferior to that man; these words were often overheard. Qin Yue only felt jealousy and hatred towards Qin Mo.

He was completely unaware of Qin Mo’s past history and it was impossible for Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang to tell him.

However, when Lu Jiuyuan was reported dead, Qin Zhengjun immediately became hostile towards Qin Mo and framed him, falsely accusing him of turning against the righteous faction and practicing forbidden techniques. Qin Yue was thoroughly excited.

He was wholly convinced by Qin Zhengjun’s one-sided statements and rushed to the forefront to give the ultimate example of the words ‘to place righteousness before family’.

Qin Yue gleefully watched his previously set up on high and unreachable older brother fall down into the mud and then get pushed down to hell. There were simply no words to describe the carefree feeling that abounded within his heart.

In reality, Qin Mo treated his only brother very well, but Qin Yue’s mind warped his older brother’s good will and perceived it as a malicious way of showing off. He had begun to develop heart demons and sunk further into hatred and disgust.

Qin Zhengjun not only harmed Qin Mo, he even crippled his cultivation. Qin Yue’s conduct, as well as his delight in the situation, was utterly morbid.

However, his retribution came swiftly. He still had the problem of his heart demons, so once his older brother returned for vengeance, he truly became deranged.

Qin Yue should have rejoiced that due to his young age, his pay back was rather minor. He only had a hand in mistreating and humiliating Qin Mo. Therefore, Qin Mo merely gave him a tenfold payback. After, when he could no longer bear it, he straightforwardly let him go.

Yes, that’s right, Qin Yue died.

Yet now, he was alive!

In this cave filled with an uncommon level of spiritual energy, the thirteen peak Jindan Stage cultivators had gathered and were using their spiritual power to operate a technique that gradually allowed him to awaken!

The Ling Xiao Sect was annihilated and Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang were both dead; Qin Yue no longer had anyone to rely on. At that time, even if he did not die, there remained absolutely no one who would expend so much effort to save him.

In the entire Lingyun continent, there were very few people capable of utilizing such a technique. Who could it be? If Qin Yue was revived, what was the point?

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes.

Shi Qing was also puzzled, but he thought more practically. Before them were thirteen peak Jindan Stage practitioners, and Qin Mo’s cultivation was only restored to the low Jindan Stage. Their strength was obviously superior.

Fortunately, they were busy with performing the technique and using all of their spiritual power for that purpose, so they did not find any traces of the Qin Mo.

If they were discovered, then those people would absolutely abandon what they were currently doing, hastily chug down their red potion and blue potion, and incessantly attack Qin Mo, the big BOSS2!

At that time, Qin Mo, who had already been downgraded to a village novice, would be attacked by the thousands and tens of thousands. He must not die…

If he did…Shi Qing would become a widowed system without a host…

Shi Qing shook! When Shi Qing had first crossed back in to this world, he had escaped in stealth to the system space. In these circumstances, they needed to escape there once again without delay!

After continuing to watch, Shi Qing was pleasantly surprised when three hours had finally passed and the system space was opened!

In their current situation Shi Qing did not dare making any sound, so he reluctantly spent 50 points to issue a system prompt: The system space is already open, you can enter at any time!

Qin Mo saw the notice and stroked the jade pendant out of habit instead of hurrying in.

Shi Qing was very anxious. Big brother, what are you still thinking, it is very dangerous. If you want to do something troublesome, come in and complete a mission so you can increase your level. Then you can come back to challenge this dangerous group ah!

When he saw that Qin Mo was still contemplating the situation, Shi Qing was reluctant to spend another 50 points, so he could only manipulate his jade pendant body to the best of his abilities to remind Qin Mo…

As a result, Qin Mo opened his hand and silently watched as the jade pendant laying there vibrated three times, turned around in a circle twice, and finally trembled once more. When he was preparing to hop, twist and turn, Qin Mo finally closed his eyes and returned to the system space.

As expected, my system is really lively and cute (stupidly adorable).

Qin Mo finally came in and only then did Shi Qing dare to return to full volume. First, he floated up into the air, then ruthlessly cursed out Qin Yue, denounced him as cruel and ruthless, reprimanded him for biting the hand that fed him, and then analyzed his psychological status in-depth, ultimately deciding that he was a mental case.

His voice was crisp and sweet-sounding, and he enunciated every word very clearly. Although he talked quite a lot over the significant stretch of time, it was not bothersome. On the contrary, it was like pearls and jades spilling on a plate, or the gentle gurgle of spring water flowing—it made one’s heart feel untroubled and their spirits pleased, sweeping through the haze.

Finally, Shi Qing made his concluding remarks, “Hmph! When all is said and done, you are too excellent. He was jealous of you!”

These words succeed in causing the corners of Qin Mo’s mouth to lift, exposing a faint smiling expression. Although his dark eyes were still as deep as the night sky, at that moment they were like beautiful fireworks blossoming in the darkness. A small portion of warmth was able to soften the cold.

He looked at the roiling black fog, then spoke slowly in a low and husky voice, “Shi Qing, come.”

Shi Qing stared blankly for a moment and then saw the jade pendant in his hand, so he instinctively entered it and then suggested, “Wait until we accumulate some more points. We can exchange them for a rocket launcher and then take out all those people with a big explosion!”

Qin Mo grasped the angry jade pendant and felt the familiar warmth against his palm, then stated with satisfaction, “Good.”

After that…Qin Mo immediately opened up the system store and searched through the rocket artillery, studying the options very earnestly.

Shi Qing was mostly speaking to himself without thinking the matter through, he did not expect that Qin Mo would take his words to heart…while maintaining a 囧 face, Shi Qing could not help but take some joy in the calamity that awaited those unsuspecting cultivators…

Perverts aren’t scary. What’s scary is what a pervert can do when he can navigate advanced technology! Even when one’s cultivation was at Jindan Stage, they would still have to pray for themselves

While Qin Mo browsed through the system store, Shi Qing was not idle. He finally had time to look for a body.

In the present, Shi Qing had 3588 points. That was not a small amount when it came to novices, but compared to the cost of the store’s high-end goods, it was not worth mentioning.

Fortunately, it meant that there was more leeway for making choices.

There were five female bodies and three male bodies to choose from.

Shi Qing looked at the female bodies and noted that they obviously had superior specs compared to the male bodies that were available. He could not help feeling a surge of acid in his stomach. Society had long ago establish equality amongst the sexes, yet here one side was treated specially! It truly was not fair!

Feeling bitter and hateful, Shi Qing ignored the female bodies and pondered over the three male bodies available.

Each of the three bodies had their own strengths and Shi Qing momentarily found it difficult to choose.

While Shi Qing was at a loss, Qin Mo looked over it and casually asked, “Choosing a body?”

Shi Qing nodded, confused and undecided, so he straightforwardly sought Qin Mo’s opinion, “Which one do you think is more suitable for me?”

Qin Mo glanced at the options, calmly pointed at one of them, and said, “This one.”

When Shi Qing took a closer look, Qin Mo’s slender white finger was pointed at a fiery looking beauty with a great build…

Shi Qing immediately bristled with rage and bellowed, “This is a woman!”

The host raised an eyebrow, “You’re not a woman?”

Interestingly enough, the Yue in Qin Yue means ‘to exceed/climb over/surpass’. They certainly had high hopes for him. Also, I promise the next chapter will have that moment you’re all waiting for (No, not that one, you perverts). It doesn’t disappoint.

I was going to wrap up the Screen Partner draw after this, but got distracted, and it is way too late. So, deadline is extended by one day!

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  1. 秦漠 – Qin Mo – the character for Qin seems to simply refer to a prominent family name (Qin Dynasty), and my dictionary tells me that the character for Mo means either desert or unconcerned. So we can assume that his parents were unconcerned about him. 
  2. I have been informed by my lovely readers that this is a nod to video games, HP and Mana potions, and fighting a boss. Also, boss was all caps in the raws so I left it that way. 

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