RAAS Chapter 18

When they moved from the system space back to Qin Mo’s world, it felt like they had been given a taste of heaven and then fallen down into hell.

The entire time they were carrying out their mission, time stood still. Due to that, when they returned to the world Qin Mo was still in the barrel filled with dark, corrosive medicine.

He need not mention what Qin Mo was feeling, Shi Qing himself exerted all of his strength in an attempt to shrink back from the medicine’s effects. The pain was fucking terrible—it felt like it pierced through to his bones.

Shi Qing was sure that since Qin Mo had redeemed some points to acquire a teleportation scroll, he would immediately make use of it and escape. The pain was enough to make a person lose their mind.

Contrary to his expectations, Qin Mo did not leave. After he suffered through the initial pain, he quietly leaned back against the side of the barrel and seemed to calmly enjoy the medicinal bath that could rend one’s body and organs.

Standing off to the side, Lu Jiuyuan did not know anything of Qin Mo’s experience. He only saw Qin Mo’s calm and waveless appearance from beginning to end. He actually experienced a short spell of apprehension because he did not expect that Qin Mo had such strong determination, allowing him to tolerate such hellish torture.

Across the entire Lingyun mainland, this type of temperament was extremely rare.

In the cultivation world, one’s natural aptitude and comprehension made up part of their abilities, and at the same time their temperament also occupied a large proportion. High aptitude allowed a person to advance quickly in the early stages and excellent comprehension allowed them to break through the bottlenecks inherent to the middle stages. However, it was a strong heart and clear temperament that could help a person make the final climb and ultimately reach the pinnacle.

Amazingly, Qin Mo was excellent in all three areas.

He was truly heaven’s chosen son!

The conceited Lu Jiuyuan had an unprecedented premonition that Qin Mo was a tremendous threat!

His scarlet eyes flashed and grew hazy with emotion: Qin Mo, my good son, your father will personally destroy you!

The medicinal properties of the ‘clay bone’ medicine bath were very strong and could quickly restore a ravaged body and restore a certain level of cultivation. Although it was excruciating, anyone would have to admit that this was a miraculous medicine.

However, they could not rush too quickly. Despite the fact that Lu Jiuyuan wanted Qin Mo to suffer in pain day and night, he pressed down the anger within his heart and stopped adding more medicinal ingredients to the barrel.

At this time, an ink feather eagle soared in so fast it was like a bolt of black lightning. In the blink of an eye it landed on Lu Jiuyuan’s forearm.

They saw the eagle land on Lu Jiuyuan’s arm and start pecking the hollow of his palm. Lu Jiuyuan frowned faintly and looked over at Qin Mo, then waved his long-sleeved arm. That motion laid down a purple enchantment which shrouded everything within a radius of three meters.

There was no one on the entire Lingyun continent capable of breaking through the powerful boundary set up by him, a ninth rank dujie stage1 cultivator.

Lu Jiuyuan felt assured and left.

Qin Mo suddenly opened his ink-black eyes that twinkled like stars in the night sky.

However, he did not act immediately. Instead, he listened intently and waited for a quarter of an hour until Lu Jiuyuan’s spiritual awareness completely withdrew. Only then did he stand up and exit the medicinal bath that resembled a pool of sludge.

The black clothes on Qin Mo’s body were corroded and mostly disintegrated, only remaining around his waist. His large, muscular chest and long, straight legs were exposed. Although his skin was very fair and smooth, he was still full of surging strength and amazing beauty.

Shi Qing could only see through the crack’s in Qin Mo’s fingers. What he saw was a sturdy waist, perfect abs, beautiful curves—there was even the legendary mermaid line! Crap! Fortunately I am a man, otherwise I’d be drooling!

Wow…Well, as a man, he also felt envy, jealousy, and hate! However, he was not worried. When this grandfather returns to the system space, I must exchange my points for a strong and domineering body with an even higher level (key point) than my host’s body!

Ai, with ​​this thought Shi Qing really wanted to drool…

However, now was not the time to fantasize. Shi Qing, feeling stifled, asked in a low voice, “Are you going to use the Scroll? I’ll give it to you.”

Of course, as a high-end system, he would possess some storage capabilities. Although his dimensional space was initially small, it was possible to trade in points to expand it. As long as you had enough points, you could have as much storage space as you wanted. Shi Qing naturally took responsibility as the storage space manager.

In that regard, he still could not help silently bragging: I, your father, can not only open the door to your future wealth, I am also the gatekeeper of your current wealth! I really am enthusiastic ah! Ha ha ha!

After he waited for a long time, he still did not receive a response from Qin Mo. Shi Qing looked back, puzzled, and immediately noticed that Qin Mo’s face did not have a speck of colour.

Qin Mo closed his eyes and a profuse number of crystal sweat droplets ran down his skin. He pursed his lips tightly, but could not suppress his constant, faint trembling. After merely a glimpse, Shi Qing’s heart tightened. He knew that Qin Mo was really struggling to maintain his posture!

He quickly reminded, “Qin Mo! Keep holding on, use the scroll!” He needed to persuade Qin Mo to take this opportunity to escape!

Shi Qing took the teleportation scroll out of the system space and placed it in Qin Mo’s hand.

When it came to Qin Mo’s current experience, it was hard to say whether it was better to be alive or dead. The effect of ‘clay bone’ during immersion was that it was simply absorbed into the body, but it did not truly start incorporating into the cells. After he left the medicinal bath, the prohibited drugs began to operate at high speed and reconstructed his ruined body.

At this time Qin Mo, who had long since collapsed, was suffering even more intensely than before.

He clutched the jade pendant tightly. He could hear an anxious voice right in his ear, but could not tell what it was saying. He only knew that he liked this clear and melodious voice very much; it was clean and full of vitality like fresh spring water. It seemed to flow directly into the bottom of his heart and aroused the desires that dwelled there. He wanted to sully it, he wanted to control it, and he wanted to lock it up forever—he wanted to monopolize this lively one!

“Qin Mo!”

The voice finally broke through to his brain and pulled him back from his thoughts. Qin Mo suddenly opened his eyes and noticed the scroll in his hand. He finally snapped out of it and immediately tore the scroll, launching its powerful teleportation spell!

Once Shi Qing was finally pulled into a space-time vortex, he was greatly relieved. Fortunately he was quick-witted and could adapt easily to his surrounding environment. He recalled that one of the privileges of being a system was that in an emergency he could send a system alert…

Unfortunately, the system prompts were slightly expensive, fifty points per message. So regretful!

The teleportation scroll was truly intended for making an escape. In any world, whatever the circumstances, it would remove you from danger. The cost was 1500 points, so it was reasonable to say that was not expensive. After all, it could save lives!

However, this thing had a somewhat fraudulent setting; there was no way to choose the location it teleported to. The destination was completely random and it was totally possible to end up suspended in midair, on a cliff, in the deep sea…all of those scenarios were very feasible.

As far as it could go to separate oneself from danger, whether it would move to another more dangerous situation ultimately depended on luck. Furthermore, the scroll had a cool down period and could not to be used for the next three days. So, even if you teleported into the mouth of a monster, then you could not use it immediately—no matter how clever you were…

For that reason, Shi Qing was very apprehensive and prayed to himself that they would have good luck.

However, for Qin Mo, throughout the entire Lingyun mainland there was probably nowhere more perilous than being with his deceptive father, Lu Jiuyuan. So, no matter where he was sent, at least he could get away from that swindler.

Shi Qing’s heart was racing throughout the entire journey. When they re-emerged from the tear in space, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw the sight that met them.

So far so good! It’s not a sheer cliff and precipitous rock face, or a deep cement pit, or the mouth of a terrifying monster. Although it was a little dark, at least it was not pitch-black. Fortunately, it was a fairly normal area for them to plant their feet firmly on the ground.

Shi Qing looked around; it seemed like they were in a cave. The scale was not small at a full ten by ten meter square. The depths of darkness of the cave were hard to see with the naked eye. Fortunately, Shi Qing’s eyesight was unique and in that moment he could just barely see clearly. There was nothing special about the area itself. The walls were made of black soil, there were several shallow puddles, and some smaller stalactites jutted out from the roof; all elements common to natural caves.

They were resting in the middle of a small hole in the deepest part of the cave, just big enough for one person to lay down.

When Shi Qing calmed down, he determined that it looked pretty good—at least there was no danger temporarily. He instantaneously looked at Qin Mo and could not help sighing.

It was likely that he determined it was temporarily secure, so Qin Mo could not hold himself together any longer. His eyes were closed and he had sunk into a lethargic sleep.

Even though he was in a coma, he displayed a tight frown, very unsteady, and he gripped the pendant in the palm of his hand very tightly. That strength was simply not comparable to someone who had lost consciousness.

Shi Qing watched for half the day, and felt that things were completely inappropriate. Although he was now a jade pendant, he was still aware of the surrounding environment. He figured that this kind of cave would certainly not be hot. Although the small hole they were in was out of the winds that would be present outside, due to perennial darkness and constant dampness, it was impossible that it was not extremely cold.

Qin Mo’s clothes had long been scrapped and he was fast asleep. His body had once again gone through numerous setbacks and been tossed from side to side. He was very weak and being cold would only make things worse.

At this moment they still could not enter the system space…Hey, wait a minute!

Shi Qing suddenly remembered what the system manual said: during the reset and review the time, the host shall not enter. Then…what about him as the nominal system?

Maybe he could go in?

Once he thought of it, in the blink of an eye Shi Qing appeared in the system space!

Ai, ​​this system is still a little bit privileged! Truly gratified!

Shi Qing was not sure whether time would continue to pass outside or pause, so he did not dare delay. He quickly opened the system store, searched through the daily necessities, purchased a quilt, a set of clothing from head to toe, and noticed that there seemed to be a lot of delicious food.

It truly felt great that he was able to buy all of these things! A quilt only used 0.01 points, what was the difference if he gave it as a gift? Clothing seemed to have more value and it was a bit more expensive at ten points. The food was so cheap that he could weep—dozens of packages only cost one point!

The most fascinating thing was that the cold cabbage and steamed lobster in the system store turned out to be the same price! Each only cost 0.1 points!

This unscientific existence, Shi Qing was delighted to rummage through it all.

When his eyes swept over the part of the store that contained purchasable bodies, Shi Qing hesitated a little. He wanted to quickly choose a body now, but considering that he had a considerable amount of points, he determined he would carefully study his options in order to obtain the most cost-effective choice. At the present moment, he did not have enough time…

Hey, forget it, he was better to wait for when Qin Mo returned to the system space. Then they could settle down and talk about it!

After he left the system space, before he even had time to enter the jade pendant, he was greeted with an indescribable scene.

Qin Mo was half-leaning on the cave wall, fixedly staring at the worn out, tarnished jade pendant in the palm of his hand. His dark eyes were like a deep winter night, and the empty silence chilled the heart.

——You left, you also left.

Just a little note to keep in mind.  I remember having a comment somehwere about how quickly Qin Mo…staked ownership over his little pendant/dagger. I promise that will be explained at some point. I was really tired proofreading so please let me know if you found any oopsies.

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  1. Since the original world setting is a cultivation world, we don’t actually see a lot of it. However, here is a quick list of the stages that it seems the author is abiding by. Remember, dad of the year is trying to raise Qin Mo’s cultivation stage to Nascent Soul. Again.
    Houtian 1st – 9st stage
    Xiantian: Low, Mid, Late, Peak
    Jindan (Core Formation): Low, Mid Late, Peak
    Yuanying (Nascent Soul): Low, Mid Late, Peak
    Dongxu: Low, Mid Late, Peak
    Kongming: Low, Mid Late, Peak
    Dujie: Low, Mid Late, Peak (In this case the author called him a ninth rank)
    Dacheng: Low, Mid Late, Peak
    Loose Immortals: from 1 – 12.
    Deity levels 

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