RAAS Chapter 16

Scientists, experimental base, serum antibodies, unique experimental subject detector…and then add in Leng Lin’s secretive mood swings.

Everything pointed to one answer.

Shi Qing’s words unexpectedly clarified everything for Qin Mo. He had been suspicious before, but he could not be 100% confident. Although he had been through many trials, Leng Lin showed him no cracks in his behaviour. Even though he was suspicious, since there was no evidence it was not prudent to act.

Qin Mo did not expect that his little dagger, Shi Qing, would actually manage to witness Leng Lin’s attitude that was rarely known to anyone. This made Qin Mo all the more clear in his thoughts on the situation.

Immediately afterwards, Shi Qing finally finished his long-winded musings and arrived at his main point. Although some of his initial thoughts were slightly off the mark, the last sentence was like a key that immediately opened the locked door. Everything ambiguous was gradually cleared up.

At that moment, Shi Qing was terribly shocked by the way things were turning out. His field of vision was wide, so even though they were separated by five or six meters, he could see Leng Lin at a glance if he so desired.

Shi Qing, merely taking a habitual look back towards Leng Lin, did not expect to be met with an incredible scene once again.

Leng Lin and Li Su were working as a team and the two men seemed to be searching for data on a bookshelf. Li Su was in front and Leng Lin was standing behind him. In that exact moment, Leng Lin took advantage of the fact that Li Su was not paying attention to him. Leng Lin stabbed him with a sharp needle and injected something straight into his neck!

Leng Lin, what was he doing?

Once Shi Qing finally snapped out of it, he quickly poked Qin Mo and shouted, “Li Su is in danger!”

Although he discovered the threat in time, it was already too late.

Li Su suddenly swelled up and his speed increased greatly; he was at least as fast as a cheetah. The object of his attack turned out to be the man standing five meters away, Qin Mo!

Thanks to Shi Qing’s warning, Qin Mo was able to react in time. He swiftly dodged to the side and managed to avoid a fatal strike. His heavy leather boots left a dark scuff mark on the bright floor. From from this one spot, it could be seen that he had great speed and strength!

Li Su’s offensive barrage did not stop. His friendly demeanour from the past had completely disappeared. His black eyes had been stained crimson, his thin lips were pulled tight, his skin was pale, and he gave off the same cold feeling as a viper.

Within just a few seconds, the two men were fighting hand to hand. Each blow they struck was laced with the intent to kill, utterly merciless!

Standing off to the side, Leng Lin finally removed his disguise. His black eyes looked like blood was pouring in until they were finally dyed a bright red. A vicious sneer crept across his face, and he shot a mocking look at Qin Mo.

The other four team members did not witness all that had transpired, so they did not know why Li Su and Qin Mo were fighting. They were about to ask, but suddenly felt a tingling sensation in their waists and fell unconscious.

Leng Lin watched contemptuously as those four fell to the ground. They were not high enough calibre—he would not waste the original virus on them. After dealing with them, he turned to watch the fight between Li Su and Qin Mo.

These two were both incredibly powerful. Under the influence of the injection Li Su’s strength was powered up to the extreme, yet Qin Mo could actually hold up against him. Although there was a gap in power, he was agile, insightful, and always able to escape death’s door by dodging cleverly.

Despite Qin Mo’s success…as he watched a smile slowly bloomed across Leng Lin’s face. It was only a matter of time until Qin Mo was exhausted, at which point he could be captured by Li Su. Then Leng Lin could inject the original virus into him as well.

Although two experimental subjects were dead, it did not matter. Instead, he would have these two men as far more powerful experimental subjects!

Leng Lin and Shi Qing could both clearly feel that the mutated Li Su was too strong. Fortunately Li Su was diligent and thrifty, and his ammunition had been stored away. Otherwise, if his current skill level was coupled with a gun and ammunition, then no matter how tough Qin Mo was to deal with he would have likely lost his life!

Under Li Su’s crazed offensive assault, Qin Mo was not given any opportunities to escape. Only by virtue of his strong sense of intuition was he able to escape the attacks coming his way. Unfortunately he was unable to fight back in the slightest.

Shi Qing was feeling a sense of urgency similar to a cat on a hot tin roof. If things dragged on like this, his small life was not guaranteed ah!

Calm down! Qin Mo had no time to take care of the others, but at least he could still make a difference. Shi Qing could only hate that he was now a dagger…No…no…thankfully he was a dagger!

Shi Qing was struck by a sudden brain wave. In this critical juncture, he had a solution in mind.

Qin Mo and Li Su were fighting earnestly. Although the other four teammates were taken down by Leng Lin with a small weapon, other than that sneak attack Leng Lin was merely a spectator!

Why sit on the sidelines? If Leng Lin had some powerful ability, would it not be possible to help Li Su defeat Qin Mo? But he did not! What did that mean? It meant that Leng Lin’s fighting strength was not even worth mentioning.

Thinking back carefully, if not by virtue of Li Su’s lack of vigilance towards Leng Lin, how could he have succeeded? Even looking at the four teammates who fell to the ground, Leng Lin was able to seize the opportunity and overwhelm them through the element of surprise and with the use of advanced weapons.

Since Leng Lin was not confident in his shooting skills, he did not dare to attempt to shoot Qin Mo while he was fighting with Li Si. He was afraid of accidentally injuring Li Su!

Those ideas flashed through Shi Qing’s mind and he suddenly knew what to do.

Taking advantage of gaps in Qin Mo’s movement, he took control of his dagger body and suddenly flew out. He shot straight towards Leng Lin.

When he noticed the sharp, cold blade flying straight towards his eyes, Leng Lin’s heart almost stopped. He did not think that while Qin Mo was in such a difficult predicament, he could still manage to make an attack elsewhere!

However, since it was just a dagger, Leng Lin did not worry too much about it. Although his combat effectiveness was not strong, he could still avoid such an obvious attack fairly easily.

Leng Lin leaned toward the left with the intent of avoiding the dagger’s path. He had intended to relax, but he did not expect that the dagger would actually alter its trajectory and continue to fly straight at him!

This! How could this be?!

Seeing that the dagger was aimed at him again, Leng Lin had to run away again to escape. He was totally shocked to find that it seemed like the dagger had its own consciousness. It quickly changed direction again and persisted toward him.

What the hell was this?!

In a panic, Leng Lin managed to dodge the dagger once again. A cold sweat broke out across his forehead; he had abandoned too many things to obtain this body. For his sacrifices to have meaning, the most important point was that he could not die here. If that dagger pierced his head, he would definitely die in an instant.

The evolutionary virus has not yet been fully developed. He could not die here!

He gritted his teeth, pulled out his gun, and fired off three shots at the dagger. Shi Qing’s original body was a that of a homebody, and now it was a less-than-skilled at flying dagger. It was not that he was slow, but his speed simply could not compare to a bullet.

However, thanks to Leng Lin’s poor technique and the fact that the dagger was a small target, Leng Lin could barely manage any type of shot. Unfortunately, he still managed to score a hit on the dagger’s handle and blade.

Shi Qing groaned. Even if the pain was weakened, the feeling of having bullets strike his body was certainly unpleasant. However, at this moment, his pain was really nothing and thankfully his speed was not diminished. Not to mention the damage to his handle, his blade was also struck by a bullet. Shi Qing thought that since he had lost his sharp edge, he would just have to grind Leng Lin to death.

As long as Leng Lin died, Qin Mo could be saved!

Leng Lin never imagined that he would encounter such a thing; the dagger was just like a moth drawn to a flame. Since he could not get rid of it easily, he could only keep blindly shooting and running around until he somehow got away.

His physical endurance was quickly reaching its end and the bullets did not seem to have much effect on the dagger. Leng Lin’s clothes had long since been drenched with sweat. He was panting, and all the emotions on his face had been replaced with panic.

When he realized that he could only dodge the attacks with great difficulty, Leng Lin finally gave up his attempts to persevere alone and loudly ordered, “Li Su, save me!”

Li Su, who was currently wrapped up in his fight with Qin Mo, instantly stopped what he was doing. He halted so suddenly that it was like a freeze frame in the middle of a movie’s action sequence. Li Su did not hesitate to abandon Qin Mo and ran over, managing to capture Shi Qing in his hand.

Leng Lin sighed with relief. However, in the next second, Qin Mo took advantage of this moment of freedom from attack. He pulled out his desert eagle and without hesitation he shot Leng Lin.

To his chagrin, the bullet was halted. He did not expect that Li Su would use his own body and take the bullet in his arm!

Qin Mo frowned slightly and then changed his target without skipping a beat. He quickly fired two shots into Li Su’s legs and crippled his mobility.

Now that his living shield had fallen to the ground, Leng Lin was completely panicked.

“No! No! Don’t kill me!”

Qin Mo remained unmoved and the bullets were already loaded.

Leng Lin clenched his fists and his red eyes once again faded to black. He adopted a desperate look towards Qin Mo, like a humble and miserable man. Leng Lin begged, “Let me off, I’m begging you, let me go. I am not the same as them, I am not like these monsters—I’m human! Just look at my face, look at my body, my flesh and blood, I’m human! Don’t kill me, I have the antibodies here, they are capable of treating the zombie virus!”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and then replied coldly, “Hand over the antibody.”

Leng Lin’s face paled, but when he heard those words they were like the hope of life for him. He nodded, took out a cylinder filled with bright red liquid, and looked at Qin Mo with fear, his hands shaking as he spoke, “Give…to you.”

He raised his arm, then slowly handed over the cylinder.

Just when the two were about to come into contact, a slender needle suddenly popped up from the originally smooth cylinder. It pointed straight towards Qin Mo’s arm.

This cylinder actually had a hidden syringe mechanism! This was exactly the same thing that Leng Lin had used on Li Su earlier!

Shi Qing was still trapped in Li Su’s hands, but he was able to see this unexpected sneak attack. He wanted to shout out a warning, but contrary to his concerns Qin Mo was prepared for the move. He jerked his arm back and in the next second he tossed his gun up in the air, caught it deftly in his right hand, took his aim, and pulled the trigger. The sharp crack of gunfire sounded, and the bullet was instantly fired into Leng Lin’s wrist!

The bones were fragmented, blood spewed out profusely, and Leng Lin instantly lost control of his right hand. The intense pain overwhelmed him. He could not help screaming out loud, his attention drawn away from everything else and focused only on his own predicament. He clutched his bloody wrist and collapsed, writhing in agony.

Qin Mo did not have the slightest interest in the cylinder of serum antibodies that had fallen to the ground. He strode forward, stepped on Leng Lin’s head, and looked down at him condescendingly before asking, “Where did you find the self-confidence to think that you could subdue me with such a flimsy trick? You, a human? Do human beings have such red eyes?”

His voice was unexpectedly relaxed and gentle. Although it was very pleasing to the ears, the content was like a devil’s whisper, “It would be better if I personally handed you over to the scientific research team. Then you could personally become a specimen for experiments, thus providing far greater insight into the zombie virus than what has previously been learned,” after saying that, a nasty smile was revealed in the corners of his lips. Then he asked, “What do you think, Doctor?”

Leng Lin was forced to look at Qin Mo. Those cold words even managed to cause him to ignore the pain of his wrist in favour of his heartache. He was filled with fear at the deeper meaning behind those words. Completely horrified, he could only stutter out, “You…you…this…”

Qin Mo stared at Leng Lin. His two pitch black eyes were like dark vortexes, sucking in every hint of life before them. Qin Mo continued, “Of course, given that everyone else in the squad had lost their mobility, in order to ensure the successful completion of the mission, I hope you can be quiet. Anyways, as a specimen you only need to lay on the table. Hands and feet aren’t necessary, are they?”

As soon as he finished speaking, in the face of Leng Lin’s instant panic, he lifted up his gun and fired three shots. He accurately hit Leng Lin’s intact wrist, as well as the knees of both legs!

Both wrists were broken and both knees were shattered. Bright red blood gushed out of the wounds and rapidly soaked the torn clothing. The area was a swirl of red and the air was heavy with the pungent scent of iron…This was simply terrible torture!

As Shi Qing watched from the sidelines, he involuntarily shuddered and felt a chill in his heart. It was the first time he had witnessed such a scene—his brain could not even think. Although Leng Lin was fierce, by the first shot he had lost his ability to act. Why…why would he…torment him like this…

Immediately after, Leng Lin let loose a piercing scream. The blue veins on his forehead swelled, and his whole body was quickly stained with blood.The extreme pain caused his eyes to roll back and his face was utterly terrifying to behold.

Perhaps due to the extreme levels of pain he was experiencing, his spirit almost collapsed, and the voice that was hidden deep within his heart roared out, “I am right, I am not wrong! It’s you, it’s all you wicked people! It’s your greed and your madness. It was you guys who carried out such disgusting experiments and almost annihilated the human race. You’re the demons that made us into monsters. You’re the ones that ruined my life!”

As he snarled out those words, the fear in Leng Lin’s eyes completely evaporated. It was replaced by unadulterated hatred, and he screamed again, “I want to retaliate—I want vengeance. I want to bring out the original virus and make it into ‘antibodies’, so that the whole world will be like me and transform into monsters!” Then, as if he saw true beauty in his heart, his eyes became particularly clear. He gazed at Qin Mo and then suddenly smiled smugly, “You don’t understand, you will never understand!”

Qin Mo looked at him, leaned in close, and whispered, “I understand.”

Leng Lin’s eyes widened as his forehead was pierced through by a single bullet. When death came, the last words he heard were enticing and brimming with dark magic, “Because, I’m just like you.”

Qin Mo is like the cool and sexy version of Horatio Caine.  No sunglasses thankfully, just brutality. If you don’t get that reference, it’s probably a good thing.

I’ve recently been rereading ‘Let Me Tease You‘ TLed by Iamabanana. If you haven’t read it I totally recommend. It’s complete, it’s cute, it’s cultivation. What isn’t there to like.

I was torn whether to do PUP again or this, and well, this won. I want to get to Shi Qing’s body sooner. PUP is next on the docket though. SP is always being chipped away at.

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  1. Horatio Caine, I do not knoow why it made me laugh the reference, but I like it brutally sexy, I can imagine it (ღˇᴗˇ)。o♡
    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕
    PS, it’s good that you decided for this one, I’m really dying to know more about QM’s reaction when SQ gets a body

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    1. Lol, it’s hard to understand if you’ve never seen CSI: Miami. But he would always finish a scene by like, putting on his shades, looking all serious, and shooting off some sort of one-liner.

      I think QM is 100x better, but somehow we seem to be finishing the latest chapters with a super deadly one liner by him. So I couldn’t help making a comparison.

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  2. Who said that only missiles could have the homing feature?
    And why did ML torture the mad scientist?
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    I am also waiting for the mission completed notification!!!

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  3. Li Su deserved better. That made me mad. He was a decent guy.

    And of course Qin Mo tortured him first, he hurt his System.

    It has been so damn long since I saw CSI: Miami that I blanked on the name. So I googled it. The one liner king and that scream as we go into Won’t Get Fooled Again. 😉

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    1. The first arcs are short…there’s three quite long ones as well. If you go to the table of contents I have it listed how many chapters are in each arc.

      The long arcs are so worth the extra chaps too ♥️

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  4. When I thought it’s too bad that Shi Qing doesn’t have a body.. I.Was.Wrong. I think a dagger is the best choice in this arc.

    Thank you for translating and thanks for the recommendation. I start falling in love with BL novel like 2-3 weeks ago and don’t know what novel to read. most of it is still ongoing. I’m happy to see the one recommended already completed.σ(≧ε≦o)

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    1. Welcome to the wonderful world of BL novels!!! There are two more on my site, one is finished and very smutty, the other is ongoing. Just click on the table of contents.

      There are some really great ones on novelupdates.com which is probably where you found this one. If you click on the yaoi or shounen ai tag you will find a lot.



      1. Yup, I read screen partner first, then I found this one and PUP, haven’t read PUP yet. #currentlysquealingwhilereadingLetMeTeaseYou

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  5. I laughed my ass off about the “home seeking dagger” 😂😂😂

    Good old torture, it was deserved too after all ML’s precious dagger is full of holes snd chips now thanks to him Hmpf! 😤

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  6. THAT WAS SO EXCITING!!! totally surprised me, like, I suspected, but my mind constantly works against itself so
    only downside to the chapter is the villain’s agenda reveal was so in-your-face and jarring 😂😂
    baby shi qing worked so hardd this chapter!!
    oh no,,, where’s the antibodies…. in one of the blue corpses? in win mo’s body?

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