RAAS Chapter 11

Just looking at the previous briefing, Shi Qing already felt a bit frightened; zombies, mutants, monsters…don’t just bully cowards! Although he already died once, he was still incapable of accepting those supernatural things. Even before crossing over into this world, it had been a long time since he had seen a horror film. Having to actually enter into one of those science fiction worlds was the stuff of nightmares. It was likely that they would have to see and face so many zombies, this was surely courting death, ah!

Despite being a cloud of black fog, Shi Qing was clearly trembling. Even though he was frightened, he was well aware that he could not hide. Once he had finally regained his spirit, he continued examining the information.

Just as Shi Qing feared, the second world was rampant with zombies, and there were monsters everywhere. This world had subjected humanity to deep water and scorching fire1.

Fortunately, however, the cause was scientific; at least it was not supernatural in origin.

A shady research organization had been studying genetic mutations in the human genome. They ventured into taboo human research practices in an attempt to create more powerful individuals that could be harnessed and used, but it led to an unprecedented disaster. The first batch of experimental subjects2 showed high levels of irritability, a loss of self-control, and a loss of sanity. Physically, they became far stronger, their nails got sharper, they felt no fear, and knew no pain; their fighting power was extremely high.

These experimental subjects were still under their control, and although they were basically semi-finished products, their development was a breakthrough to some extent. At least, they were able to achieve a rapid increase in power, and the despairing researchers could feel a tiny sliver of hope for their work.

In a series of experiments that lasted almost a year, and after a major surgery, the experimental subjects miraculously lost their extreme levels of irritability and became far more docile. Their incredible strength remained, but they seemed to have lost their ability to communicate. All that remained were empty, ignorant, and lifeless shells.

At this time, news of the experiments leaked to the outside world, and they were strongly denounced and questioned. After all, they were experimenting directly on the human body. Even though the experimental subjects were all criminals, in the eyes of the people it was still absolutely unforgivable.

Of course, since the research team dared to carry out such an experiment, it was easy to tell that they had powerful backers. They could have easily settled the controversy, but due to an unexpected major change in the country’s political situation, the research team’s backers did not take it seriously. They even disregarded their own reputations, and turned a blind eye to the whole situation.

Having lost support, although there were still troops guarding the facilities, they were caught in a surprise raid. The guards suffered heavy casualties, and the laboratory compound was compromised. Any scientists involved in the experiment were arrested. The laboratory was exposed, and the first generation test subjects were also revealed to the people.

Although the experimental subjects were powerful, repeated exposure to various pharmaceutical agents had left them stupid. They were as ignorant as three-year-old children. They were immediately sent to a medical center for treatment, and all efforts were directed towards restoring their lives.

However, tragedy was born from there.

From the laboratory to the hospital, because it was night, nothing peculiar was noted. At three in the morning, the experimental subjects were given a detailed examination, and then sent off to different wards.

After a single night of sleep, the peace of the world utterly collapsed when a nurse pulled back the curtains.

Bright sunlight streamed into the ward. Usually this warmth brought happiness to the sick, but the experimental subjects curled up in pain. A terrifying scene quickly unfolded before the eyes of those present.

Their bodies began to decay, and the formerly empty eyes grew manic. Their teeth and nails became as sharp as blades. This terrifying mutation caused the panicked nurses to scream loudly, but their cries did not save theminstead, they were drawn into the abyss.

The experimental subjects pounced on them, shredded their bodies with sharp nails, and in an instant they were bathed in blood; their white angel uniforms dyed a deep scarlet.

The emergency response team entered the hospital in an attempt to help, but they simply could not stop the powerful experimental subjects. In just a few minutes, the whole building was bathed in a sea of blood.

This was not the end, but the beginning of a disaster.

The hospital building was only at a standstill for a short ten minutes before the police came, and then all hell broke loose.

All those who died were now ‘alive’, and came out. Their bodies were in ruins, but they were no longer bleeding. Even if their organs prolapsed, or if their hands were destroyed, they would still persistently move forward. Knives and bullets would hit the bodies, but aside from making a big mess, it was like it had no effect. They were like the walking dead; although they were slow-moving, they had incredible strength. They could even break through steel.

The police who responded were unable to kill the experimental subjects, and ended up strengthening the enemy as they were defeated.

In a matter of hours, the situation was totally out of control. The entire city was thrown into a state of panic. When the government finally reacted and mobilized a rescue effort, it had already been three days. By that time, the city of millions of people had completely degenerated into a city of death.

The originally beautiful and tranquil Huahai City became the origin of humanity’s greatest nightmare, and was later rechristened the ‘First City of Terror’.

Zombies could not only corrupt human bodies, but also made the plants and animals that they came into contact with mutate, and transformed them into bloodthirsty killers.

Humans, zombies, and monsters all engaged in combat. The price humanity paid was enormous, but at the same time it allowed them to accumulate enough experience.

The decade-long nightmare had continued hopelessly, but finally the humans had achieved a tremendous breakthrough.

The task that Qin Mo would have to carry out was explained at this moment. A scientist named Leng Lin was being escorted by a group of troops and mercenaries to the ‘First City of Terror’. He was looking for the first generation of experimental subjects. The goal was to collect various samples that could aid in the development of antibodies against the zombie virus.

As long as dead human beings would no longer devolve into zombies, then the virusthe origin of their problemswould be defeated. Only then could they see a dawn with the hope of victory.

Qin Mo had to act as one of the mercenaries escorting Leng Lin, and his assigned mission was to ensure that the serum antibodies were safely returned back to the main base.

After reading through the world’s background information, Shi Qing was left in a perturbed state of mind. Qin Mo frowned slightly and then inquired, “So there isn’t a time limit?”

Shi Qing froze at his words. He could clearly hear the dissatisfaction in his tone, and immediately his cheeks were streaming with tears3. Big Brother! Your concern was not focused on the main point again! This was such a dangerous mission, and the probability of death was shockingly high—and yet he wants to add a time limitI give up, Shi Qing thought to himself. He was already lacking the strength to ridicule that guy.

Shi Qing displayed a rare silent moment. Qin Mo stared at him for a few moments, but he did not say anything either. Instead, he stared at the background information on the screen again.

He narrowed his eyes and abruptly asked, “This is the main task, so does that mean there is a sub-task?”

Shi Qing followed Qin Mo’s line of sight, and then slowly reacted to what he had just heard. He marveled at Qin Mo’s keen instincts, and then realized that he did not know the answer.

However, he had his quick guide, so he quickly pulled it out and read through. Sure enough, there was a section with the information he was looking for.

He read the pertinent information directly to Qin Mo, “Sub-tasks are classified as an additional reward, so there is no prior task information. You will only be informed of the details if the sub-task is triggered. Sub-tasks are considered separate from the main mission, so if they are not completed there won’t be any penalties. Completion will garner you five thousand points, as well as a random reward.”

While he was reading the information, Shi Qing grew more and more excited. He tried to rein himself in, but five thousand points was no small amount, ah!

Qin Mo, true to his typical behaviour, did not hesitate to accept the task.

When Shi Qing finally woke up from his delusions about mountains of points, he had already been swept into the vortex that would lead to the next world. It was at this time that a notice sounded in his ears, “The system will receive a body, free of charge.”

Shi Qing was suddenly glad. His jade pendant body was completely soaked with medicinal herbs, and it had been dyed grey—in addition to being eroded. It appeared that, since he was the system, he was awarded some benevolence.

However, Shi Qing did not have much hope…free of charge…this was definitely not a good omen.

This chapter was mostly for setting up the world we’re headed into, but hopefully you enjoyed it. It was also really short! But, we’re getting a new body for Shi Qing, so look forward to it.

I finished last night, but when I went to proofread I literally fell asleep on my computer desk.  I’m not young any more, and I can’t do these late nights.

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  1. An idiom that means abyss of suffering. They’re having a real bad time. 
  2. The raws translate this as experimental body, but in general I think people would be referred to as test subjects.  If I need to I may use both. I was going to put experimental test subject at first, but…too long and tedious. 
  3. This is a specific idiom, but I’m thinking it’s meant more as a figure of speech, or something like T-T. 

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  1. Nonsense, the soul is forever young–I mean. Yeah I feel you. Drowsiness is my constant state of being. That and hungry…

    Also woo! I was so happy to see a RAAS update~ ❤ Thank you so much for your hardwork fitting in all of these great projects for us to enjoy. (bows gratefully) I cant wait to see how Qin Mo reacts to the new body–and well hopefully the new body is something nice..

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  2. My reaction will be the same as Qin Mo if I ever get dropped into an apocalyptic world. New body? Is it too much to hope it’s a human one?

    Thanks so much for the chapter! Take care of yourself!

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  3. Thank you so much for the chapter and I totally got you, staying up late at night to watch the screen hurts so bad and you just want to sleep and rest. So thanks for all the hard work you did for us to read this. Have a good rest and good night 🙂

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  4. And so the second world plot begins! Somehow, I get the feeling that even without a time limit, the difficulty rating for the mission just got jacked up by like ten to twenty times… And the poor MC is going to get stuck inside the body of another inanimate object, I can feeeel it!! Something that will make everyone else think the ML is crazy for always keeping on his person/talking to, lol.

    Thanks for translating! Glad to finally NOT be several days late haha😅

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  5. Well, perhaps the catch is actually the kind of world that he’ll have a body in… Having a physical form in a dangerous apocalyptic world? Shet. Regardless though, I absolutely love this story and look forward to reading more ❤

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  6. This chapter was short, but definitely full of details! You are amazing to even decipher what MTL is even saying and translate it so smoothly! 😍
    Thank you so much!! ~~
    Can’t wait to see Shi Qing’s new “body” 😂

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    1. If you want go to novel updates forum and search the title. There is a very in depth spoiler thread if you don’t want to leave it a surprise lol. If you go to the novel updates page, link in my table of contents, there is a link to the raws as well as the Chinese name. You can just google that. I’m on my phone so it’s a pain to try and link those.


  7. I love zombie apocalypse stories done by Chinese web novels, so I’m ecstatic for this arc! 🎉
    Can’t wait to see how the big boss system is gonna troll SQ with his new free “body” 😂

    Also hang in there and don’t overwork yourself, we need you healthy~

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  8. Question on the point distribution.

    So MC gets 50% of all points earned. But the points he gets aren’t taken from what the ML earns. And is just a striaght 50% for him?

    As in. ML gets 1400. MC gets 50% so that’s 700. But ML keeps the 1400.
    It’s like that?
    If it is then okay. Lol. The 50% is rather nice. No downsides whatsoever

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  9. Usually I love apocalypse arc the most in QT novels!! 💕💕 people dying left and right, usually abilities, usually magical space, usually love in desperate times~ usually military dudes~~
    this is a different take on it but Oohh I love me some world building! I really appreciate this novel’s stories, they’re deep, short but deep, like a tea-cup portion of cheesy creamy carbonara, just right. Taking the time to make a science related incident instead of just BAM Zombies? very appreciated
    the zombies not being zombies from the get go really intrigues me, yes, the superhuman strength… attacking humans could be seen as them wanting to eat and reproduce, very human things to do. Zombies are somewhat evolved humans, they don’t die
    it’s just they’re hardly living too so, can’t really call them a success

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    1. I also enjoyed this apocalypse arc. It doesn’t follow the usual cnovel approach. Not that I dislike powers and cores and the like.

      Now I want carbonara 🤤


  10. Aaaaah all that description for the zombie world setting was so scary 😨😨 Those poor nurses! And now they even have to enter that world! Shi Qing, it’s better to be a pebble in a zombie apocalypse world, at least that way no one will bite you!

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