Screen Partner Chapter 19

They quickly finished filming the fireworks scene out in the courtyard, and then all of the staff moved inside to start the next scene in the guest room.

The style of the room was predominantly Japanese; the floors were tatami, and the room itself was very spacious. Xu Zheyi could not help exchanging looks with Ah Li.

The next scene was very clearly laid out in the script. Although the two couples would strictly be sleeping with their own partners, they were going to be in the same room. There was no hiding from the other, and the degree of shame shot straight up. Ruka and Xiang seemed to have no special feelings when it came to this scenario, but Xu Zheyi and Ah Li were extremely anxious.

Ah Li was still somewhat traumatized after his previous filming session, where he was constantly scolded by the director for his soft lower half. On the other hand, Xu Zheyi felt that his previous experience had destroyed a part of the person he was. In the past, he was not usually very enthusiastic about sex—in fact he was rather conservative. He had never thought that he would one day have to take part in a GV. On top of that, not only did he have to film a GV, but now he had to do it with another couple in the room.  

The two men who felt pressured to do so individually swallowed their two yellow pills together before filming.

“How will I do it, I don’t feel anything yet?” Asked Ah Li in a concerned voice before stepping into the room.

“Don’t worry, you will definitely know once it starts working.” Xu Zheyi assured him in a whisper. Seeing the two men in front of him whispering together intimately, Ruka’s eyes narrowed in an instant.   

The director sat at a low table at the back of the room, and gazed at the two monitors on the table. One of them showed two of the actors engaged in some deep kissing; even the tongue licking and sucking was hot.   

However, just out of view of the camera, Xu Zheyi was frowning.   

Ruka’s fingers seemed like they were holding him gently, but he was actually gripping his jaw tightly, forcing him to open his mouth. He aggressively plunged his tongue into the other man’s mouth, licking and biting his soft lips, like a beast that was marking his territory. Xu Zheyi struggled to push back against Ruka’s chest, but the other side was completely unmoved, and leaned in even closer.   

This excessive persecution made it so that Xu Zheyi could not even swallow properly. His saliva began to flow out of his mouth, and added a bit of an obscene flavour to the scene.   

What the heck, Xu Zheyi thought, did this guy also eat an aphrodisiac? He was in a bit of a trance, and the tip of his tongue was punished with a bite. Ruka ran his hands down the yukata and then pushed them inside, and stroked Xu Zheyi’s thighs–the sudden touch caused him to go stiff.   

At the moment, Xu Zheyi stole a look over at Ah Li and Xiang. They seemed to be moving things along as well. The front of Xiang’s yukata was completely open, and Ah Li was pinching and stroking his nipples, his movements eliciting low groans of pleasure from Xiang.   

Xu Zheyi’s ears flushed deep red.  

He had never considered that stimulating the nipples would bring any pleasure until the first bed scene he shot with Ruka. He realized, from that experience, that it actually felt very good.   

As soon as he recalled that feeling, he felt his nipples growing slightly hot…

“Ow!” He flinched violently, but then he was suppressed by Ruka.

“You’re hard.” Ruka taunted as he ruthlessly squeezed Xu Zheyi’s penis with his hand. 

Xu Zheyi did not know exactly what was the matter. Before he could protest, Ruka had pulled him up by his belt, and he was forced to sit on the other man’s body.   

“Hey, you…” However, Ruka did not give him the opportunity to speak, almost as soon as Xu Zheyi had opened his mouth to speak, Ruka grabbed him by the back of his neck and blocked his mouth with a kiss.   

Although Xu Zheyi did not resent such a passionate kiss, in fact it was actually enjoyable, Ruka’s difficult attitude was making him feel very unhappy. He tried to bite Ruka’s tongue with his teeth, but after failing two times, he decided to give it up on the grounds that he could possibly end up hurting himself.  

Despite that, Ruka seemed to have noticed his protests. He retreated a little, soothed and licked Xu Zheyi’s swollen lips, and then tenderly licked and kissed a a trail down his neck.  

“Oh…” Xu Zheyi moaned as Ruka continued down to his chest. The camera was shooting from behind his back. Looking on the screen, Xu Zheyi’s yukata had been pulled completely open. It loosely hung from his arms at the elbows, and revealed his fair and smooth back and the taper of his body down to his slender waist.  

His eyes were half closed, and he wore a look that hinted he could scarcely endure the sensations he was experiencing. His ears were as red as blood, and even the director was attracted by his seductive, yet restrained atmosphere.

Ruka at this time was immersed in tasting Xu Zheyi’s chest, and he sucked and licked his two small buds. He felt that today’s Xu Zheyi was very aroused. Before he had even touched him, his nipples had already perked right up.

It made him very unhappy.

Although he did not want to admit it, it seemed as if Xu Zheyi’s heightened state was indeed because of the presence of Ah Li. He continued tasting Xu Zheyi’s erect nipples, gently biting them as he went, and then reached down to touch his half-hard cock.  

Xu Zheyi could not perceive Ruka’s bitter mood. He gasped as Ruka stroked up and down his manhood, and could not help but hug his neck for support. He ended up completely shifting all of his weight onto Ruka.  

In that moment he recalled awkwardly that there was another pair in the room, and glanced over only to be astonished by what he saw. Xiang was positioned between Ah Li’s legs, and was performing oral sex. He was in a position that left nothing to the imagination; he had kneeled down in a way that showed off his slender waist, narrow buttocks, and long legs. He certainly had a good figure.

Because they were so close to them, Xu Zheyi had a clear view of his skillful handling. This caused his face to turn a deep, fiery red. Oh, hell. Aside from those two words, his brain could no longer muster any intelligible thoughts.

From his birth until now, Xu Zheyi had never watched a GV. He never would have anticipated that there would suddenly be one, in person, played out in front of him. He simply could not look away from them.   

When he discovered Xu Zheyi’s watchful eyes, Xiang shot a quick look back at him, and then provocatively licked Ah Li’s shaft like it was candy, from the base to the top. With this sudden move, Xu Zheyi heard Ah Li’s breathing grow ragged and unsteady.  

He could not restrain himself from loudly swallowing a mouthful of saliva, and his body burned up like it was on fire. Within Ruka’s firm grip, his penis suddenly swelled up, pulsing unbearably.  

A man’s physiological response has always been very easy to provoke with visual stimulation. Xu Zheyi did not even have time to moan, and Ruka had pushed him down onto the tatami. The next second, his field of vision was dominated completely by Ruka’s face.   

Although his facial expression still seemed unchanged, Xu Zheyi finally realized that he was very upset. “Is that man so good-looking?” Ruka whispered in his ear…

What man? Xu Zheyi was completely confused by the current situation. However, Ruka did not give him the opportunity to ask any questions, and immediately leaned over and kissed him.

Surprise! It just so happened that I got carried away again. This chapter is like a warm-up to the main event? Hope you enjoyed it, there’s definitely more to come!

I’m a little over halfway through the next PUP chapter as well, so hopefully that will be available soon.

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27 thoughts on “Screen Partner Chapter 19

  1. I woke up with seeing this update. What a great way to start the day. And Xu Zheyi, stop looking at the other two!!!!! Ruka is currently eating you and a ton of vinegar.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. The cliff!!!! Ruka hurry and make Xu ZheYi fall for you! The jealous Ruka is shooo cutee
    Soon, Ah Li would be aroused by the sight of Ruka and ZheYi intercourse XD

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    1. I had contemplated holding off until the next chapter was done, buuuuuttttt……I have no patience haha!! And I agree. A jealous Ruka is a cute Ruka.


  3. The cliff!!!! Ruka hurry and make Xu ZheYi fall for you! The jealous Ruka is shooo cutee
    Soon, Ah Li would be aroused by the sight of Ruka and ZheYi intercourse XD
    Thank you for the chapter~

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