Screen Partner Chapter 17

Of course not. Ruka sneered at the thought, it was obvious that Xu Zheyi liked him, and he probably, probably, probably, also had a little interest in him.  

He glanced over at Xu Zheyi’s naked upper body.  

Despite the fact that it was winter, the script’s next scene aimed to show off  the men’s seductive physiques in the sunny atmosphere on the beach. For this reason, all four actors were forced to take off their tops, don swim trunks and beach towels, and participate in a ‘youthful’ beach volleyball event.  

Originally, Ruka had thought that it would be just a boring little scene between the real action, but, after seeing Xu Zheyi, he finally felt that the game was a little interesting.

It was cool and fairly windy, which caused Xu Zheyi to tightly cross his arms over his chest in an attempt to stay warm. His muscles were not obvious, but his body lines were beautiful and his skin looked incomparably smooth.

Ruka suddenly narrowed his eyes; he noticed that Xu Zheyi had not covered one of his nipples, and the cold caused it to stand upright. The scene from a few days ago rushed into his brainhe had pushed Xu Zheyi down and licked that nipple until it was red and swollen… 

Ruka felt a rush of heat surge in between his legs. 

Xu Zheyi seemed to feel his fiery gaze. He turned his head, found it was his, and then covered his chest even more tightly. His defensive reaction made Ruka smile. He began to head over to the other manhe wanted to stir him up in order to make the guy show an angry expression, but Ah Li went to Xu Zheyi’s side before he could approach.  

The two men spoke to one-another in low voices that he could not hear. Finally, after some discussion, and regardless Xu Zheyi’s obvious refusals, Ah Li put his coat over Xu Zheyi’s shoulders. Xu Zheyi glanced over after that, and caught Ruka’s stare. 

Ruka frowned. Xu Zheyi was really smart. Ruka had to admit that he was very unhappy seeing other men get so close, but, the same trick too many times was not fun…Are you here for a movie or a relationship?  

If you’re looking for a quickie please go online to find a better place, it’s less disgusting than being seen here...suddenly, the words Xiang had spoken before sprang into his head.  

Ruka’s movements paused, and he recalled that the two men seemed to know one another even before the audition. Not as if that mattered anyways, since in the end, Xu Zheyi chose him. 

So, maybe, both of you are fond of the other, but you’re both struggling a bit, so the other side feels you have no interest. Friend A’s words suddenly bounced up from the depths of memory, like a big hammer, and hit him on the forehead. For a moment, Ruka was shaken up. Although it felt impossible, he could not help but think, was it really his misunderstanding?  

Like Ruka, Xu Zheyi was also mired in uncertainty. Rewind the time back half an hour ago, in the bathroom. 

At that time, Xu Zheyi had just emptied his bladder, and his mood was a little happy. So, when he came face-to-face with Xiang, he gave a pleasant, “Hi…”

“Rotten old man.”

Xu Zheyi’s smile immediately froze on his face. He looked back and made sure he was the only one in the bathroom, and suddenly his expression went fierce, “Who the fuck are you─”

“I don’t know why Ruka would like such a rotten old man.”

Xiang’s words were like a hand, mercilessly gripping Xu Zheyi’s throat. In fact, he also felt some faint stirrings of feelings, but feeling that and saying it out loud were completely different matters. Now that he was a bit wiser, he knew that as long as he pretended not to know, he would not lose his escape route.  

“You, you …”  

He stuttered for a while, unsure which statement he should refute first: ‘Ruka likes you’ or ‘old man’. The other side seemed to have no intention of listening to any explanation that he could offer. Xiang pursed his lips, and his eyes seethed with hate, “Since Ruka chose you, you should be good to him. Stop fooling around with other men.”

Hearing these malicious words, Xu Zheyi felt too powerless to even properly explain. His mouth was dry and he was rendered completely speechless.  

But it was inevitable that he felt some anxiety over the matter. How did Xiang know that Ruka liked him? Did Ruka say anything to him? 

The thought of Ruka solemnly confiding his feelings in Xiang cased Xu Zheyi’s skin to crawl, and he broke out in goose bumps over his entire body.  

Beneath that reaction, Xu Zheyi also had a subtle refreshing feeling; that guy had pretty good taste. He wanted to laugh a little, but under Ruka’s gaze he restrained himself. This atmosphere was maintained until Ah Li came over.  

When Ah Li insisted that Xu Zheyi wear his coat on his shoulders, he could not stop himself from taking a guilty look over at Ruka. Although the other man’s face remained completely expressionless, for some reason that he could not explain, Xu Zheyi knew that he was very unhappy.

I stumbled onto some free time, so here’s the next chapter. RAAS is next!

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35 thoughts on “Screen Partner Chapter 17

  1. Thank you for the chaps translator-sama! I just started reading this morning. At first i felt reluctant to give it a try since im not into AV plots but turns out it’s very hilarious! Hahaha

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  2. Xiang, is the shou who likes Ruka, right?

    Ah Li, is the straight top?

    Otherwise, I have nonnidea why the personality switched liked that.

    And what makes Xiang, think Ruka actually likes XZ?


      1. I think I might stray into spoiler territory here if I go any further, but he’s usually pretty indifferent to his costars in general. Before and after filming.


  3. *narrows ayes at Ah Li* is he being nice? Or is this flirting? Hmmmmm…..

    Oh well! This novel is full of hilarious misunderstandings anyways! Speaking of which, Ruka finally considered the mere possibility of him misunderstanding lol.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Xiang and Ah Li pair is a weird match. I dont like Xiang’s attitude and i also dont like Ah Li’s half-ass commitment. Maybe im being too harsh. Thank god for giving you free time to translate this for us! Looking forward to the next bed scene 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for recent update! Indeed, i can already imagin kind of scene chap 19 will presented to us! Im glad it will be longer than chap 18. I think author sensed our dislike for the couple, she added a sweet scene for us in chap 18.

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  5. Thank you so much for the update. Haha, this is so much fun, especially Ruka’s misunderstandings. Lol. You know, I managed to crawl out of all my designing and tailoring and found a new chapter waiting for me, made me so happy. So thanks a lot.

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  6. Muahahaha! Ruka thirsting and being shoved vinegar instead! Good job Ah Li! Now move over so Ruka can stare some more at Zheyi. Thank you for updates Kleep-sama!

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  7. Eheheheh FALL MC FALL

    Lmao I raised my eyebrow so high it almost cramped when I saw Ah Li call XZY a rotten old man like wow this guy is straightforward????? And then he advised MC to stay faithful?????? Ah Li…. it’s not good to stick your nose too much in other people’s business…………

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