Screen Partner Chapter 15

Xu Zheyi stood under the shower, letting the hot water stream over him, his mood very complex. Although his manhood was finally hanging down relaxed, it had been impolite enough to shoot four times. Even when he was at his most interested in sex, he had never had such indulgence.

He pinched his shameless thing, but all he felt was a burst of discomfort in his lower body. No, he felt deeply that some parts of his body had just been transformed.

When he recalled how the director looked at them with eyes filled with praise when he finally yelled ‘cut’, he could not help but be overcome with sorrow. If he had climaxed because of the insertion, then did that mean that from now on he would ejaculate from playing with his ass? Was there anything in the world more upsetting to a straight man than this?

He began to carefully clean his lower body. When his fingers touched his back entrance, he reflexively shivered. That place seemed swollen, and even the slight rubbing from his fingertips left a feeling of discomfort. He took a deep breath, and very carefully inserted one finger up to the knuckle, rotated it around, and then pulled it back out.

There was some blood present, but before he could get an idea of how much, it was washed away by the water. He chose to pay it no mind; after all, it was just a little bit of broken skin. With Ruka’s size and tenacity, it was inevitable that he would incur some damage.

He just wanted to go home. He quickly cleaned the rest of his body, wiped himself dry, changed back into his clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

The staff outside had almost all left–only the producer remained, checking the doors and windows. When he saw Xu Zheyi come out, he smiled and said, “You’ve worked hard today.”

“You too, do you need any help?”

“No, I’m going to leave after all of the windows are closed, and I’ll see you in a few days,” came the producer’s hearty reply. Compared to his carefree attitude, Xu Zheyi was preoccupied.

Oh my god… He walked down the stairs heavily, ruminating on the fact that there was another bed scene coming, and his heart was infinitely filled with melancholy. He still felt like his legs were being held open, and that he could barely stand. He did not know how long it would take before that feeling would finally go away.

Opening the door, he went forward a few paces and then suddenly looked back. Under the dim light of the street lamp, Ruka stood idly by the door and smoked; his eyes were looking directly back at him.

If I had known, I would not have looked back. Xu Zheyi feel a little embarrassed. Not long ago, he and this man had been intimately tangled in bed. However, after they got out of bed and put on clothes, the two of them returned to being strangers. Two strangers who had sex with one another.

If it was possible, he did not want to see Ruka outside of work. Ruka, on the other hand, clearly did not understand his inner turmoil. He glanced at him, threw his cigarette onto the ground, and said, “Let’s go.”

…..? Xu Zheyi could not help being confused, and a row of question marks practically came out of his head. He even glanced back and made sure that no one else was there, and that Ruka was actually talking to him.

“Where to?” No, he should have asked if they had plans together.

“I will take you home.” Ruka explained, matter-of-factly. A moment later he followed with, “Or do you want to come to my house?”

……What was this weird boyfriend-girlfriend vibe that he was getting? Xu Zheyi hurriedly declined, “No, I can go back myself, you should also hurry home.” Ruka was startled, and did not say anything in return. Xu Zheyi took the opportunity to hurriedly escape.

…..Was he shy? A small grin appeared on Ruka’s face at the thought of Xu Zheyi’s perceived innocence.

Xu Zheyi climbed onto his bike, and looked into his mirror to make sure that Ruka did not catch up. Relieved that his view was empty, he slowly pulled out onto the road. In fact, it was not a big deal.

Maybe Ruka was always so friendly towards his colleagues–wait, what was going on with that car back there? Xu Zheyi thought it was his imagination, so he kept glancing in his side mirror, and even slowed down. His plan was to let the suspicious car pass by, but he did not think that the car behind him would also slow down.

What the hell? Xu Zheyi frowned, pulled his bike to the side of the road, and stopped. He climbed off and walked back to the car that had been following him. Before he could knock on the window, the window was opened to reveal Ruka’s cold face.

When he saw that it really was him, Xu Zheyi could not help but ask helplessly, “Big Brother, what do you want to do?” The other side answered as if was only natural, “Send you home.”

Xu Zheyi was speechless, and the two people remained in a face-to-face standoff for a while, until a car horn sounded impatiently from behind. He chose to jump back onto his bike…take me home? You would make me look like a girl. Xu Zheyi was not pleased with this thought.

He continued to increase his speed, hoping that the cold wind whipping by could somehow cool the heat that was rising in his ears.

No sooner had Xu Zheyi parked in front of his house, he turned to see Ruka walking up casually carrying a bag. Before he could ask about his reasons for being there, Ruka pushed the bag into his hands and explained, “You seem to have a bit of bleeding there, there’s some ointment in there.” His face remained impassive as he talked, “At night you may have a fever. If the temperature goes above 38 degrees, there are pills for that in here as well.”  

”….How do you know I have a fever?” Xu Zheyi was a bit embarrassed, as well as being shocked by his professional behaviour. It was impossible for Ruka to tell him it was because he had done his homework on the internet, so he had to feign an inscrutable expression, and then demanded, “Give me your phone number.”

“What’s that?” Xu Zheyi did not hear clearly.

“Phone number,” this time Ruka only said two words. Xu Zheyi was caught off guard, and then even he did not know what was going through his mind, but he inexplicably handed over his cell phone.

Ruka put his own number into Xu Zheyi’s phone, and then called himself. When he saw the unknown number appear on his phone screen, his mood visibly improved, and he returned Xu Zheyi’s phone.

“If you don’t feel well, call me anytime.” Ruka advised him. Xu Zheyi stiffly nodded, and then heard him say, “Go up.”

When Xu Zheyi looked down from the window of his room, he could see Ruka by the side of his car looking back at him. Xu Zheyi did not know what to do, so he turned away.

He emptied the bag out onto the low table in the room. There was ointment, a thermometer, and fever medicine. The table was table was laid out like some sort of after-service care package. Xu Zheyi stood staring at the various gifts for a while, thought about it, and stuffed them back into the bag, tied it with a knot and then threw it into the trash can beside him.

This brave, brave boy! Gets onto his bike right after all that!!! It was his first time tooooo. Also, now that I look at it again, he may have a scooter rather than a motorbike. But. Not changing it. Sorry.

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21 thoughts on “Screen Partner Chapter 15

  1. Thank you for the update and your hard work 😄😄😄. XZ, look out Ruka is falling, please catch him. I can XZ crawling to the trashcan later to get the bag 😂😂. I wonder if Ruka is the jealous, doting and possessive type of gong, I can see he’s the caring type. After the three film XZ can’t work with anyone else unless it’s Ruka for bed scenes.

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  2. After binge reading this, I discovered that there’s actually an update! Yaaaay ❤

    And Ruka is misunderstanding again lol. I wonder how he’ll react when he finds out that Zheyi doesn’t feel that way for him (for now).

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Rereading this and still can’t stop my silly grin. Yay to misunderstandings and to weird gf-bf vibes hehe I hope XZ gets touched and can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you Kleepart sama!!

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  4. Muhahahha! Wolfy Ruka must make sure his man gets back safely. Even preparing a care kit! He is just going ahead confidently with his own misunderstanding, while Zheyi gets swept along. That smutty scene is laif!! Gah! *nosebleeding dangerously*
    Thank you Kleep-sama!

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