RAAS Chapter 2

It took Shi Qing a long time to read through the “Quick Guide to Being a System” from beginning to end, and it was only thanks to his godly speed-reading skills. Otherwise, with its thickness equivalent to the Kangxi Dictionary, it would have taken him forever to finish it.

Unfortunately, he did not have any kind of photographic memory skills, so although he had now seen all of the information, and gained a vague understanding of it, to actually remember it all? That would be impossible.

After learning more about his situation, Shi Qing found himself feeling a bit melancholic. This system was truly amazing and all-encompassing, covering thousands of things from the very simplest like getting food to fill your belly, all the way up to the power to defy the heavens. There were countless tools, gadgets and toys available, all this awesome and cool stuff, he could easily be the master, high-class, ruling over all, and lacking nothing in this world.

It’s just that…Shi Qing is indignant over one thing. Why is he not a man?

The quick guide has very solemnly and clearly expressed, in several different places, that Shi Qing has inherited the system, and that he is the system itself, but…why, if he is the system, can he not move things within the system? What does it mean that, even though he is the system, he still needs to exchange points to obtain anything?

Which owner has to spend money on his own treasure house? Should that not be unnecessary? Unless, of course you are not the true master, but just a small gatekeeper.

The clever and quick-witted Shi Qing thought things over, and suddenly everything became clear at once.

Ha ha ha, so it seems I’m just a gatekeeper ah, and my feelings towards these piles of treasures don’t matter since they belong to others ah. Then striving for world domination is only a dream that can be fulfilled by others as well? Does this mean I’ll never have the chance to live life with a beautiful, mature woman in my left arm, and a charming loli in my right arm, while a group of loyal brothers follow me around?

Ha ha ha ha your face yo1!

The more Shi Qing thought about it, the angrier he grew. How could this master take the treasures and then hand them over to others while cupping his hands2? Please, he is not the Holy Father of the world, he would much rather keep these things for himself!

Shi Qing halted that train of thought, revisited the quick guide, and began to plan how he was going to occupy it all for himself.

He turned to the ‘How to Earn System Points’ chapter. The manual clearly documented that Shi Qing must first find a host, and then establish a contract with them. Once the host had completed the tasks that the system has assigned them, they would be awarded the coinciding number of points. At the same time he, as the system, would be awarded 50% of the host reward total.

Shi Qing’s wandering soul floated about, very dissatisfied with this binding treaty—could it be more hateful?

Originally, he had never intended to find a host. However, without a host he has no way to earn points; not to mention that pile of treasures, even having a body would be out of reach…

Alas, after thinking about it painfully for a while, Shi Qing could only accept the fact that he had to open the doors to his treasure trove and share with another house’s lucky young master.

Since I must choose a person, then he must be well suited to me!

As soon as he thought of it, the manual suddenly burst into light, and a line of writing automatically appeared before him, “The parameters have been selected and the appropriate host has been located, will you receive them?”

Speak of the devil, and the devil will come!  Just when Shi Qing began to prepare mentally, someone was immediately delivered to him.

When Shi Qing made no response, a message in small print appeared along the bottom of the manual, “You have ten seconds to approve your selected host, cancellation will result in a 500 year wait prior to locating another appropriate host.”

This one line of teeny-tiny fine print thoroughly frightened Shi Qing senseless. He did not dare even think about it, he immediately chose to accept the host.

Five hundred years? You’re joking! Just him and the guide-book alone in this space for five hundred years, he would have to be crazy!

Since he had just chosen his host, he felt a whirlwind, and then a massive amount of information, like a network transmission, entered his brain. It was chaos; pieces of the pictures joined together to form images, and combinations of fragmented segments combined, eventually succeeding in telling the story of this man’s thorny road in life.

Finally, it was all framed by a pair of eyes; daunting and black, like staring into a deep-sea vortex.

Eyes full of death; gloomy, strong, and unyielding.

Despite being startled, since he had just received the large influx of memories, he naturally knew who was in front of him.

Qin Mo.

His host…

Shi Qing blanked out for a moment, and then wanted to run back to the guide-book and cry; looking for a player swap here, please give me a trade ah!

Who wants to sign a contract like this? He is just a small common person ah, innocent, totally innocent. He would have to be stupid to sign a contract with this guy—in a fight there is no way he could defeat this demon lord!

This is not a contract, ah, this is to be played with for someone else’s entertainment ah!

As soon as the idea crossed his mind, the diligent guidebook promptly flashed an answer in writing. “Would you like to cancel your current contract? Cancellation will result in a five hundred year penalty.”

Shi Qing looked at these five hundred years, and suddenly…QAQ.

This kind of setting where you stretched out your head only have it cut clean off really made Shi Qing feel powerless to bear it…

He hesitated for a bit, and then carefully recalled Qin Mo’s life once again.

To sum it up briefly, this young master was deceived by his father, who deceived his Qin family, spared no effort to deceive everyone around him, and lied until he was blue in the face; the best place for this liar is down in hell’s 18th layer.

Qin Mo is from a world full of fantasy elements, and according to what Shi Qing has read in some of his many novels, it is a typical Cultivation genre.

Qin Mo’s family background was outstanding. His father, Qin Zhengjun, is the head of one of the world’s six major cultivation sects, and Qin Mo is the eldest son. He can be described as one who had boundless potential—truly God’s favoured son.

In this world where strength means power, Qin Mo was a rare spiritual root that only showed up every thousand years. He had excellent perception, high intelligence from a tender age, and the ability to start training at a much younger age than most.

To those observing, it seemed that he was a young master born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that the rest of his life should be successful. Many of those around him were filled with jealousy and anger, cursing the remainder of his life. 

Fate is often a cruel mistress. Qin Mo reached the Core Formation stage at a very young age, completely shocking the cultivation world. At this time, news began to spread among righteous cultivators that the most powerful demonic cultivator of this age, Lu Jiuyuan, had been struck down from the sky in a heavenly tribulation3.

This was good news, but it seemed to have little to do with Qin Mo. However, Qin Zhengjun was so excited he could not restrain himself. He investigated through a variety of channels, to see whether Lu Jiuyuan was indeed gone, and grew angry because it seemed he could not find him to confirm it.  

Then, Qin Mo embarked down the road of deception laid down for him by his father.

Qin Zhengjun began to spread lies about Qin Mo, and caused people to mistakenly believe that he had deviated from the righteous path by delving into extremely brutal and evil methods of cultivation—sacrificing hundreds of young boys and girls and drinking their blood. It could only be described as cruel and disgusting.

Under the deliberate, yet discreet, arrangement of Qin Zhengjun, the same kind of evidence was placed in front of many people with no discrepancies, and so it was met without any trace of disbelief.

In an instant, God’s chosen son, who stood in the clouds, became the number one target of public criticism. Originally, the people around Qin Mo were extremely jealous of his peerless talent and high achievements. The moment his ‘evil practices’ were exposed, many people were swift to turn on him, claiming to be completely outraged. The higher you climb, the further you fall.

Although he was smeared with mud, Qin Mo bore it with the disposition of an immortal. That pridefulness, coupled with his youth, led him to look down on the practices of those around him. Qin Mo followed the cultivation method passed down by his Qin family, taught by his father Qin Zhengjun himself; there was no way his parents and family would believe these rumors.

With that thought, he fled all the way to his home. What waited for him there was the genuine betrayal.

Qin Zhengjun personally seized him, and all of the sect’s ‘righteous people’ had worked together to encircle and suppress him . After he apologized for his son’s behaviour, he expressed his guilty conscience over the matter. In the end, he resolutely decided to sever all ties with Qin Mo, and promised that he, himself, would ensure he could no longer commit any evil.

Then, in front of all those present, he destroyed Qin Mo’s cultivation, and reduced him to a crippled mortal.

When everyone had left, he finally told Qin Mo the truth.

It turned out he was not the son of Qin Zhengjun, but of Lu Jiuyuan, the demonic cultivator.

When they were young, Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang became a couple and married based on mutual feelings of love. However, Yue Niang was a true beauty, and the passing Lu Jiuyuan just happened to see her. He took her by force, and unexpectedly their union bore fruit. Lu Jiuyuan compelled Yue Niang to carry and bear the child, and he forced Qin Zhengjun to raise Qin Mo. Qin Zhengjun, who bore great love and affection for his wife, also spent the years nursing equal amounts of hatred and grudges, directing them all towards this child.

So, when he learned of the fall of Lu Jiuyuan, Qin Zhengjun’s 20 years of suppressed rage finally exploded as revenge against Qin Mo.

Qin Mo was completely shocked once he heard the truth, but since it came directly from Qin Zhengjun himself, he knew that he would not be lying. He revisited the last two decades in his memories and recalled the indifference that Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang treated him with. It seemed he had been deceiving himself that any ‘feelings of family’ existed.

However, he was not a weak man, and he tried his best to escape. Unfortunately, although he had survived, he became downright useless.

There was no question: Qin Zhengjun would not let him go, and the righteous practitioners would not tolerate his presence.

During that period of miserable desperation, it was a time of endless torment where all virtue and benevolence in his heart was reduced to ashes.

Although he did not die, he lived on like a ghost. His original life was like a bubble that  had burst, and now there was no one supporting him. Qin Mo was stubborn enough to survive, but could do no more.

Then, he was rescued by Lu Jiuyuan, the one who put this whole tragedy into motion.

Lu Jiuyuan saved him and taught him everything he knew.

Qin Mo’s twenty years of education were solely with the righteous sect, so accepting knowledge of the demonic arts immediately caused him to feel repulsion. However, when he thought of Qin Zhengjun and Yue Niang’s outrageous resentment towards him, as well as the fact that he was deserted by his friends and allies alike—pursued until he was forced to surrender in despair, the remaining light in his eyes slowly extinguished.

His cultivation was a loss, but his basic foundations remained; his renewed cultivation was extremely fast, just five years brought great success. Although Lu Jiuyuan was treacherous and did not treat him well, he did provide him with some body repairing medicine, and used recovery spells on him in order to negate the damage done by Qin Zhengjun.

When he had cultivated up until the Nascent Soul stage, Lu Jiuyuan asked him if he wanted revenge. He looked at him silently, and then agreed.

He once again returned to the Lingyun mainland, with a strong force.

Shi Qing was almost unwilling to walk through the next memories. Qin Mo’s revenge was truly appalling; without any feelings, without any mercy, he was like a mindless killing machine, slaughtering all in his path and drinking their blood4.

It was a downright massacre. Qin Zhengjun died, Yue Niang committed suicide, and thus the Qin family truly met with a tragic end.

Demonic Cultivation is different from the righteous path of cultivating immortality. When at peak Nascent Soul, the only way to continue to immortal ascension is through divine tribulation. However, a demonic cultivator with enough strength can forcefully steal another practitioner’s nascent soul, and use it to achieve ascension while, at the same time, circumventing the divine tribulation.

  After all of this fighting, Qin Mo had just reached the peak of Nascent Soul stage, and he was soon approaching the moment when he would have to face his divine tribulation.

  At this time, Lu Jiuyuan, who has been waiting on the sidelines, was finally ready to enjoy his delicious meal.

This chapter was…really hard. It’s good though. I want to keep going, but I need to do PUP next because it kind of left off with a crazy cliff hanger.  This is just a lil minor cliffie.  Hope you enjoy this saucy MC!!

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  1. That is, literally, exactly what he says. Exactly. He’s mad. 
  2. A gesture of respect, if you’ve seen an Asian martial arts movie you’ll know. If not, you should go watch one.   
  3. This was a nightmare of a paragraph. Even with lots of help, shoutout to shenhua and cici, it’s still…Anyways, since it’s backstory I think that I have the gist of it. Lord have mercy on my soul, because it almost came out with that one. 
  4. It’s possible that he didn’t do this, but I double triple checked and…he probably did 

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 😀 He’s so self aware yet so… Adorable, wanting both an elder sister and a loli? How immoral. MC will get something even better, though ;))

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  2. I understand his parents hate.
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    And watching the child grow and grow looking more like his father the raper.

    And the accumulation of resentment and rage would accumulate over time.

    They couldn’t force themselves to love the child. His parents just couldn’t.

    I wouldn’t be able to either. They couldn’t get rid of him either due to the threat they received.
    So that’s why the Father did everything when he heard Lu Jinyuan was gone…..
    Everything is understandable from an objective standpoint…. but…. it’s really too much for the innocent child involved……..
    I was going to say adoption would solve everything…. but they couldn’t get rid of it due to the threat…. so this is all just an unsolvable riddle. With no happy ending for everyone, no matter the circumstance…. really too much.

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    This is the first time I read a host’s story like this, it’s more like, like… PUP but the system is like the guardian angel/closest companion
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