PUP Volume 1 Chapter 9

Zeno was awash in melancholy. He could not believe that the protagonist of his story looked so pleased to be called a father. Look at the whole body of x literature, and not once would you see a protagonist become a father before he even accomplished anything!

Only some cannon fodder or a younger brother would have this magical set of children ah. Cannon fodder children were the stepping stone to domination used by the protagonist, and the younger brother’s child was used to develop the main character’s responsibility and power. The protagonist having a child, do you think this is a farming show? Go away, wrong channel!

Zeno stared desperately at Xi Wei’s eyes, hoping he would deny those assumptions. Firstly, the protagonist was supposed to be cool and handsome; what daddy, it did not sound cool or handsome at all!

Secondly, the role that the scar-faced man played in the harem was still a long ways off. However, when it came to his daughter, if she thought that the protagonist started his family when he was only eleven, she would certainly think he was unreliablenothing but scum.

Love between childhood sweet hearts. If his protagonist was with this sort of pure and kind sister, it meant he would be far away from the spicy hot, femme fatale type. With a conscientious lover, the protagonist would not have the sense of being betrayed by the world and ultimately he would not choose to commit suicide. This was for peace in the world ah, protagonist, please be sure to deny this crazy misunderstanding!

The protagonist loves looking at me! (t/n: There’s no good context for this sentence. But there it is)

Xi Wei saw non-stop blinking from the baby, but could not garner any meaning. When he finally seemed to have gathered some courage, he looked at the scar-faced man, then strenuously spoke, “How can you…still…remember me? ”

Xi Lun smiled, “You’re finally willing to talk to me. This is your child so it will, of course, be returned to you. In Fenhong Street, who does not know Xi Lun? Although I deal in the pleasures of the flesh, I would never force you to give this little one up to me1.” Xi Wei tilted back his head in a flash and looked up at this man who was a few feet taller. His expression was neither agitated nor overwhelmed; as always, he appeared indifferent.

Xi Lun looked a little bored, but still passed Zeno over to Xi Wei. Xi Wei struggled to hold him and his waist bent with the effort. Despite this, he laboured to secure the little baby to his chest once again.

Zeno still had the mouldy piece of bread in his mouth. He began choking on it when the protagonist failed to deny the scar-faced man’s words, and his cute little face turned a deep red. Xi Wei immediately went to use his finger to pull the bread out of Zeno’s mouth, but he hesitated when he saw that his outstretched finger was very dirty.

He carefully crouched down and, just like with his face, used the snow to wipe his fingers clean. That accomplished, he pulled out the dangerous piece of bread and tossed it.

Xi Lun quietly watched him finish all of that. Finally, he could not help but open his mouth, “The child has a fever, and he can die without xu nue.”

Zeno felt Xi Wei’s hand on his back clench briefly. Indeed, although he had improved with the Elf Queen’s blessing, she did say that she could only ensure three days of respite from danger. However, they were all aware of the consequences when three days passed.

Seeing that he finally got a reaction from him, Xi Lun could feel the stirrings of guilt in his heart. From the first time he had seen Xi Wei, who was delivering rice to Jasmine, he began to notice him. The child was silent, cold, vigilant, and it seemed that he had no interest in anything. He was completely different from other seven or eight year old children—he was familiar with the rules of the underground world, and quite good at camouflage.

Xi Lun felt intuitively that this taciturn child would not just be a street rat that lived in Ye Sa City for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, before he came to a decision about how best to use him, Jasmine died.

Without the springboard of Jasmine, Xi Wei alone could never accept an olive branch2 from Xi Lun because he believed no one on earth gave goodwill without a reason. After letting go of his concern for Xi Wei, he did not expect to meet again in this way, but it pleased him that it happened.

Xi Lun contemplated the situation a moment, then said bluntly, “Although xue nu is precious, it’s a piece of cake to get it with just the money I make on Fenhong Street. However, everyone knows that Xi Lun doesn’t take a loss in any exchange. So kid, what have you got to trade me? ”

What could Xi Wei come up with? The most valuable thing on his person was that jade pendant he dared not sell, and nothing else.

Zeno looked back and forth from the scar-faced man to the protagonist, his heart in disarray. Although the protagonist would one day dominate the continent, right now he was just a poor, starving boy. Xue nu was obviously a common medicine easily accessible in other places, but in Hong Yue continent it was so scarce that it could not meet the needs of the people.

It was not scientific.

Once again, Zeno fell into a deep self-aversion for his previous disregard for the protagonist’s past.

Protagonist, I’m sorry.

The fact of the matter was that the protagonist’s halo had not quite activated. To the curiosity of those present, Xi Wei reached into Zeno’s neck. In short order he pulled out the sleeping Elf Queen, and then calmly tried to sell her.

“I … do not know … what this … but … I’m sure … rare3.” 

Xi Lun and his followers: “…”

Zeno: “…”

The Queen woke up and then went right back to sleep.

It was not so easy to just sell the Queen of the Elves, and that was not only because she must stay near the ring that could not be taken back from the protagonist. If he lifted the seal on the Elf Queen’s revenge personality, never mind 18 years later, if she founds out the protagonist was trying to sell her to the boss of the red light district, his life would be directly strangled in the cradle ah!

Perhaps she had pain in her wings, or perhaps too many burning eyes were pressuring her, but at this time the elf rubbed her sleepy eyes, and woke up.

The situation was clearly very shocking to Hua Li, who was struggling again. Her five-year-old mind was terrified; her magic was not enough to protect the bearer of the ring or herself. Xi Wei felt a pinch and sting to the fingers holding her, involuntarily releasing his hold, which allowed her to fly away in the blink of an eye.

Xi Lun watched this play out with a complicated expression, “Kid, where did you catch that elf?”

Xi Wei stared at his empty fingers and paused, hesitating for a moment, “It just … appeared.”

Xi Lun did not ask again. With her easy escape from Xi Wei’s grasp, it was clear he had no control over her. The scar-faced man gloated, “Boy, your elf ran away, now what will you trade for the xue nu?”

It was impossible that Xi Lun did not covet the tiny elf, having ownership of her could make him the overlord of the entire Fenhong street and district. Although he could be a good man, he knew that sometimes he would have to take what he could from life and run with it.

Xi Wei bowed his head, seeming to have suffered a great blow. Looking closely, he could actually see the panic in Zeno’s eyes. Presumably this little baby was also worried for their future.

Xi Wei closed his eyes, cleared his mind, and immediately whispered, “He is … beautiful … ”

Xi Lun grew even more curious, and he looked forward to a more astounding move by this distinctive little beggar, asking, “Oh, are you going to sell your son to me?”

Xi Wei thought of the words left to him by Zeno’s mother. She was not looking for extravagance, and even if he became a beggar it did not matter; at least let him live. Thinking of today’s bad situation, his arms tightened around the baby before he said, “He…is sick, too…not enough to eat.”

This proposal was very excellent. The child was so beautiful and he would not grow worse after all. From any point of view, there was no reason not to agree, but Xi Lun denied this attractive proposal.

He sneered, “Boy, your idea is good. You can choose not to raise this child, but if I take him now I’ll have to treat his illness. That leaves me at a loss since first of all, that medicine costs a lot of money, and second, when he grows up for many years, who knows what he will look like? Can you promise that he will earn me the same value of money spent on him in the future?”

Xi Wei did not refute his words since Xi Lun spoke the truth. That being said, the only thing left to exchange was the jade pendant. However, with that he risked exposing Zeno’s identity. Even though the storm had calmed, so little time had passed and revealing themselves would be a huge gamble.

Xi Wei was left with no choices. Either he had to give up the jade pendant, or he would have to watch the baby die.

“Well, boy, I know you street rats will not have anything of value, and you really do look like Jasmine. I have a job here, if you can finish it well, I can give you the xue nu.”

The desperate youngster stared at him in a straightforward manner, and Xi Lun felt an inexplicable pressure, finally saying, “I have a daughter, you know?”

Seeing Xi Wei acquiesce, the scar-faced man continued speaking, but with obvious weariness, “Xiao Wu4 is also ten years old, but she just spends her day reading hero epics. She is developing an inappropriate sense of justice, even though I expect her to inherit Fenhong Street in the future. She is not allowed to have this type of character. However, no matter how many times I tell her that she just ignores me. If you can change her mind, I’ll give you as much xue nu as you want.”

It goes without saying that, of course, Xi Wei agreed.

As they moved along Fenhong Street, Zeno felt numb. This was just too much, already pulling them into the storyline of one of the future sisters, it really was x point of the story, not wavering to draw the sister to the center.

Give the plot a little praise.

Not forced to separate from the protagonist, Zeno finally felt like he could breathe. Although being with the protagonist had brought him hunger, dirty bread, and illness with no medicine, these things were nothing compared to separating from the protagonist. No matter what happened now, the protagonist would be a domineering existence in the future. Being with him was 10,000 times better than being sold into the red light district.

The only questionable point now was Zeno’s identity as the protagonist’s so-called child. It seemed that when people transmigrated into the villain or younger brother they needed to cultivate favour with the protagonist to avoid becoming cannon fodder. He would need to take advantage of the protagonist’s halo5.

Once there was a sister who wrote a lengthy comment in the comments section to the author of “Curse” because the abused reader could not withstand the temptation of voicing her rage. She ominously warned the author to be conscientious, citing many different examples of stories where the author was pulled into the story and forced to go through what the protagonist had experienced. Zeno read a few of the linked stories out of curiosity, and most of the protagonists were overwhelming characters in the end. Although these novels had a strange feel to them, the main purpose was clear.

However, Zeno did not feel the need to worry. If he was not abandoned to die by the protagonist in his most difficult years, then he should be ok.

My dad is Li Gang6, and my dad is the protagonist too!

Lately I have been obsessed with listening to the shamisen and Waggaki Band.

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  1. I needed so much help with this one. Basically he’s a pimp and he says something to the tune of I would never force someone to buy. He specifically mentions dealing flesh so spiced it up a bit. And I felt like his assuring line made no sense in the context so I changed it. I don’t know any Chinese whatsoever rip 
  2. If you’re not familiar with the term it’s an offer of peace/goodwill 
  3. I purposely leave his dialogue missing words etc because I feel like it fits best. I’m not sure if that was the author’s original intention or MTL. 
  4. 小舞 – Xiao Wu – means small dance. Probably. Xi Lun’s daughter 
  5. Protagonist halo – in case you somehow haven’t come across this term, basically it’s something like plot armour? Good things always happen to them. If you’re unsatisfied with this pathetic explanation best look to google. I’m too lazy 
  6. My dad is Li Gang – a Chinese meme that refers to avoiding responsibility, actually has a super sad backstory

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  1. No, Xi Wei, don’t ever mention selling Zeno to the red light district! His chrysanthemum is too precious! Gonna wait for Xi Wei to become more possessive. I hope that in the future he will remember his ‘brilliant’ idea and get chills thinking about it… Thanks for the chapter ❤

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  2. Thank you! I binge read all this today 🙂 It’s cute how Zeno is so attached to Xi Wei. It definitely must be true love ah. I’m really curious how the story will develop once he gets to talk 🤔

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