PUP Volume 1 Chapter 1

Zeno refreshed the page again and found that “Curse” had still not updated. He glanced at the clock in the lower right corner of the computer screen, and saw that unfortunately midnight had already passed.

I’m a little sleepy, Zeno thought while rubbing his temples.

Perhaps the reason was because the story was coming to an end. The author of the novel, “The Cursed Innocent”, recently explained in the author’s notes that there was a little delay. Although it was usually updated within the time limit, it was uploaded later and later as the days passed. It was even later today since it was 12 o’clock and it was still not updated.

Zeno used to go to bed early, so staying up late every day waiting for updates made him feel so tired he could hardly endure it.

Zeno had followed “The Cursed Innocent” for two years, and believed the author was a very hard-working person. The deadlines were hardly ever missed, and on occasions where it did happen, the author would write a long notice. So, although readers were anxious for updates, most of the comments left on those notices were ones of understanding and support.

Today’s comment section was unusually lively, but most of the comments were basically “seeking more ~”, “waiting for updates ~.” Since the author gave advanced notice of the late update, it made sense that it would happen towards the end of the day.

Zeno was anxiously waiting for an update. In fact, he was probably more anxious than everyone else because he was a “Curse” addict. This could be seen from the fact that he, the guy who had always gone to sleep early, had been staying up late every day just to read it.

After a few more refreshes that failed to bring any updates, Zeno decided to get prepared for a long read by getting up and going into the kitchen for a cup of instant coffee.

Zeno was an orphan. After graduating from college and finding a decent job, he rented a small apartment to live in. Because rent was cheap, he did not have to work overtime, so he can be at home on the Internet every day reading new chapters of “Curse”, and also rereading the novel again from the beginning. His level of familiarity with this book had no rival.

While sipping a small mouthful of instant coffee, he sat back in front of the computer to wait for an update while scrolling through the comments. Suddenly, a discordant comment jumped into view. In an ocean of comments that were “waiting for updates,” it stood out like fireflies shining in the dark.

Zeno got excited. Not because of the tone of the comment, which was very sad and angry, but because the comment was for chapter 875. Yesterday there were only 874 chapters, which the addict Zeno would clearly remember, so he quickly dropped his half finished cup of coffee and excitedly embarked on the last chapter of the finale.


Xi Wei felt tired after struggling in this world for so many years. From a beggar of unknown origin to a man now standing at the peak of the continent, Xi Wei endured hardships that ordinary people could not even imagine, and experienced countless betrayals.

But who could know—he did not want to be such a man, and now, once again, he was betrayed.

Yes, again.

Xi Wei, although it seemed like he had icy shutters over his eyes, had brothers who claimed to live and die with him, and women who claimed they wanted to spend their lives with him. But now, these people only wanted to end his life.

“Xi Wei, as long as you hand over the Stone of Destiny, nothing will happen to you.”

“Yes, Xi Wei, give it up, no need for you to be ashamed about it.”

People all around him spoke chaotically, trying to cover up their panic and greed with lies.

However, Xi Wei remained silent. His expression carried an unprecedented calmness. He glanced at these so-called ‘friends’ and ‘lovers’ one by one with a stiff curve to his lips.

He had already seen clearly how dark and desperate the world was.

Xi Wei was intentional. It was a test. When people expressed their curiosity about the source of his power, he deliberately disclosed that by luck he acquired the Stone of Destiny, something that made everyone crazy with envy.

No one passed his test—not one.

From a very young age, Xi Wei lived like a street rat. Cautiously sneaking around, treading on thin ice, always threatened by hunger and death, which made him indifferent to and distrustful of all.

Even though he later grew stronger, he had been careful not to reveal his strength and disguised himself with a harmless and gentle mask. With this mask he was slowly able to gain some brothers and sisters.

This was not the first time that Xi Wei had been betrayed. Previously, every time someone discovered his secret they would plot to chase him down and kill him, wanting to take his stone for themselves. In order to avoid those who sought to possess it, he tried not to tell others his secret.

In the end, those people were found out by the seemingly weak Xi Wei and for their greed they paid an unimaginable price.

Later, he stood at the top of the continent, and finally he did not have to fear anyone. He did not have to sleep while constantly being fearful that death would come, but he no longer trusted anyone.

So Xi Wei decided to give such a test and the results, as always, proved interesting.

Thinking this, the indifferent expression he wore suddenly became gentle, and he slowly spoke, “Do you want the Stone of Destiny?” As he spoke, he opened his shirt to reveal countless injuries to his chest.

The men and women surrounding him did not understand what his actions meant, but they were surprised by what he said. In no time, they took their positions in order to achieve an outcome that would benefit themselves.

Xi Wei’s expression became more amiable and appeared to be touched by these kind sounding promises. He spoke slowly, but his words were so cold. “The Stone of Destiny has been integrated into my heart and is now a part of me. If you want it, you will have to dig out my heart. ”

The crowd had a moment of silence, and then the air filled with killing intent and greed, all pretences of friendship and love torn to shreds.

Xi Wei did not put up any resistance at all, allowing countless sharp blades to pierce his chest. At last a bloody hand stabbed its blade directly into his heart. That person grabbed onto his still bleeding heart, and ran into the forest.

Those present no longer hid their own ugly faces, one after another chasing that precious treasure that had belonged to the world’s strongest, all failing to notice the small, half-hearted smile on Xi Wei’s face.

He lay back and recalled his life. Skating on thin ice since birth, he had experienced countless struggles. He, whose memories mixed with blood and tears, all too clearly felt the familiar taste of death.

Xi Wei was never one to fear death. No matter how hard his life was, he had only one belief—survive. Now, however, as he was dying, he thought that perhaps this was more interesting.

The most interesting thing about the Stone of Destiny was that it was not just one with his heart physically, but it was also linked to his destiny. What his enemies did not know was that Xi Wei’s body had become like the Stone of Destiny, even without his heart. If his body came to ruin, the stone would be destroyed, and if that happened it would take the whole continent towards complete annihilation.

These foolish people would be completely ruined by their own insatiable greed.

Xi Wei closed his eyes. At this time he was filled with an unprecedented calm—he even showed the first true smile that he could recall. At the moment of his death, the curse of his life would finally end.


At the end of the 4th century, the Stone of Destiny was destroyed. The mainland was plunged into unprecedented chaos, and humanity almost perished except for a small remnant that survived with difficulty. After many years of recuperation, they were eventually able to enter a new era.

Since then, although the source was unknown, the proverb that has proliferated is that “Greed leads to destruction.”

Therefore, the old legend must not be forgotten.


The author has something to say: “Curse” comes to an end here. Thank you for looking after this story until now. I know you guys may have some varying opinions on the ending, but that’s exactly how I intended to write this story.Know that this is genuine goods at a reasonable price, fair to both young and old, so if you want to throw any eggs please do so with all your might, my helmet is already on.

Ps: Personally I think the outcome has been explained very clearly, so there will be no extras, the novel is complete, so onto the next book—bye.


Zeno could feel his entire body shaking—the innocent Xi Wei was too cruelly handled in this ending!

He took a deep breath and was filled with the desire to reach through the computer to the other end of the network cable and wring the author by the neck in order to force him to change this horrible ending. With shaking fingers he opened the comments section, and suddenly he filled the whole screen with his indignant railing. With a deluge of negative ratings, it was clear that the readers were feeling violated by this ending.

As long as it was not too exaggerated, the readers usually understand that although the protagonist was abused ceaselessly in the early stages of the story, he would later be compensated through countless adventures and with beautiful women. In turn, those who had abused the protagonist would be severely hit in the face.

What? They weren’t hit in the face? They went down with him? Although the host site was innocent, and the story was marked with a big red tag that this was a tragedy, there were always some readers who did not read the tags/were curious/bored/mistaken and came read.

The most important thing was that despite being abused from almost beginning to end; Xi Wei, like the protagonists of similar tales, had harvested countless cheats. He acquired younger brothers and sisters that followed him to create a power that stood at the peak of the continent. In the most recent release, Xi Wei deliberately disclosed his greatest secret and asked all the younger brothers currently loyal to him and the sisters who populated his harem to get together to ‘discuss it’.

According to the normal route, this should have been a happy ending. Any who had darkness in their heart should have been eliminated, and then they should celebrate, drinking happily and surrounded by beautiful sisters.

Well, in this pessimistic author’s point of view, with Xi Wei’s military prowess, even if he was besieged by all present he could defeat all those who stood against him with just a wave of his sleeves. Who could have predicted that he would commit suicide because the abuse was too much, choosing to perish together.

QAQ, protagonist, your spirit and psychological quality are too low!

The most critical point was that when Xi Wei died the continent was punished for 10,000 years!

This was just making otaku males everywhere sad.

Unsurprisingly, the comment area had become noisy.

“Oh the importance of archives!” – regrets past mistakes

“Publisher is innocent my # ¥% & *% ^ $ #!” – Substitution is excessive.

“Those who don’t know the value of loyalty can never appreciate the cost of betrayal” – Suddenly a philosopher is here.

“Hihihi, so the people who said they loved him aimed to kill him, but for me this is a satisfactory conclusion for my cp.” – Corrupt sister.

“Ao, my cute Hua Li, how could you be so cruel? I thought the author was also soft on that adorable little sister.” – Addicted fan.


Regardless of the content and perspective of the comments, all readers were determined to give a negative comment. Such an ambiguous ending could not be forgiven!

However, no matter how noisily commenters scolded and reproached, the author remained calm. They occasionally replied to a comment, and then that comment would promptly be overrun with those denouncing him. Zeno, who had opened the comments area earlier, was shaken by the resentment that was about to overflow the screen. He saw many people as angry as him, though now he felt rather calm.

However, his heart was still broken, so Zeno simply shut the computer off in order to sleep—the less seen the better.

But Zeno found himself wide-awake, unable to sleep. One reason was the sense of loss from having the story he followed for two years suddenly end. The other reason was that he felt a feeling of distress overflow, stirring up his whole mind into restlessness.

People who liked to read novels probably had this experience before. In this story, their favourite character was taken care of/ntr/abused, who wouldn’t be tossing and turning sleeplessly? Especially in the stillness of night.

Softhearted sisters even wet their pillows with streaming tears.

Zeno was the “Curse” addict, he was a ‘protagonist Xi Wei’ addict. Whenever Xi Wei was abused and miserable, those who inflicted it would face his revenge—he was a protagonist Zeno was a bit proud of.

Through countless chapters, when Xi Wei was licking his wounds alone, Zeno had silently accompanied him from in front of the computer screen.

Two years of feelings, even towards a book of virtual characters, were keeping him awake knowing that his companion had died so pitifully.

Kept awake all night by those thoughts, it was not until early morning that he was able to close his blurry eyes.

When his eyes had just hardly been closed for any amount of time, Zeno was awakened by a serious shake.

Zeno subconsciously thought it was an earthquake, and wanted to quickly take refuge. However, he found himself unusually weak in both his hands and feet. He opened his mouth and could only give out a small ‘eyah’.

Well, I hope you’ve liked it so far.  Onto chap. 2, timeline–unknown.

I just edited it, name has been changed from Chino to Zeno, if you find an errant Chino lurking please tell me.

Also, I’m not sure if Zeno ever published his comment…

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  3. If I remember correctly from another novel powder refers to ones face. Like if someone has black powder on them they are evil and their name is being disgraced while
    White powder is good and your getting praise or have a lot of face from others. Don’t take my word tho I honestly don’t know if I remembered this right or if I’m even explaining this clearly. 😅

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    I’m so sad,,,, RIGHT AWAY,,, the author (curse) is so S!!! truly tormented, he just wants to trust someone (continuously letting his secret be found)
    I know Zeno will be that person and I;m so excited alreadyyyyy jhdgfks;bnfdbdsfak omg thans for translatingggg ;;;;
    what!!!! what!!!!!!!!! what!!!!! im so sad!!!!!!??????? these dirty people! this dirty world!!!!! what is that!????! stabb!!!??? nOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xi wei how painful ,,,, *grabs zeno and lets him kisses that spot ;;;;;;;
    huhuhuu i guess there’s nothing much to live for anymore, no one can be trusted, he lived so long at the top, still with no other aim in life than to be safe and cared for
    mm the author is strong-willed, i’ll give them that, sigh,, it IS a rather interesting end, if ZW must die, this is one of the coolest way to die, bring everyone with you by their own greed — rest in peace ZW
    AHAHHA zeno is exactly me! sometimes I’m so angry i want to throw my laptop
    Aw…… usually novels I read dive right to transmigrating, this is the first i read about someone so attached and care so much about a fictional character, I hurt with him too
    oh? is it TMG? is it earthquake that kills him? is it?????? protagonist????
    i hope i can comment more sensibly next time lol i’m just so excited to read this

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