Screen Partner Chapter 20

I’m going to die. After his second ejaculation, Xu Zheyi could not help thinking that was the case.  

At that moment, he was lying down on the tatami with three of Ruka’s fingers inserted in his back entrance. Ruka’s lower body was pressing progressively closer his thigh, and it was at this moment that the director called out ‘cut’. Read more

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 22

When the young man spoke easily of the fact that he was aware they did not have a blood relationship, both children immediately went stiff.

Zeno took advantage of his age and played up his ignorance as a child; he pretended he did not understand anything. Nevertheless, he took two steps forward, and stood directly in front of Xi Wei as if he was trying to shield him. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 19

They quickly finished filming the fireworks scene out in the courtyard, and then all of the staff moved inside to start the next scene in the guest room.

The style of the room was predominantly Japanese; the floors were tatami, and the room itself was very spacious. Xu Zheyi could not help exchanging looks with Ah Li.
Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 18

Ruka’s anger became evident during the beach volleyball event.  

It was clearly written in the script that they were only jumping and spiking and other movements in order to show off their muscle lines. Despite this, Ruka killed the ball every time, and almost every ball was mercilessly aimed at Ah Li’s face or body. One particular shot hit his body and left a bruise. Read more

RAAS Chapter 10

Shi Qing was half a beat behind in understanding Qin Mo’s question; why did he go along with him back to his world? Indeed, although it was necessary for Qin Mo to leave the system space, it was not necessary for him, the system. He could remain in the system space, with absolutely no need to go into the jade pendant and accompany Qin Mo.

His first thought in that moment was to follow Qin Mo—why was that? After Shi Qing pondered for a moment, he spit out the truth, “I was afraid you would be in an accident.” Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 16

Xu Zheyi had lived for nearly 30 years. He never thought the day would come that he would become a homosexual. It was for this reason that he was terrified of the present situation.   

That night, Xu Zheyi had opened the ipad despite his better judgment, and typed in ‘straight men, anus, orgasm’. Even just typing those three words was enough to make him blush with shame. Fortunately, the results were quite normal, and there were many different men seek anal stimulation, deliberately massaging their prostates.   Read more

RAAS Chapter 9

With only those few words, Qin Mo caused Shi Qing to blank for a moment, and then he fell deeply into thought.

When he recalled the entire process of the task, Qin Mo actually did not do too much. He manufactured the miraculous medicinal pill, had someone introduce it to Concubine Li, and reminded her of her desire to return to her youth. After that, it was a matter of leading the players, step-by-step, on the game board that he had laid out for them. Read more

RAAS Chapter 8

The Second Prince Rongxiang learned early in the morning that something had happened in the Blue Jade Palace. When he approached, the moment the smell hit his nose, he staggered and almost feel to the ground.

He knew that Emperor Xuan Cheng had an incredibly sensitive nose, and was affected by every little smell. Otherwise, Concubine Li would not have to spend excessive amounts of money purchasing spices in order to burn them every day… Read more