Embarking on a journey…

I have been a long time lover of manga, light novels, xianxia, wuxia, transmigration/reincarnation tales and the like.  Somehow I discovered, to my delight, that all of these things have been combined with my favourite thing–danmei/yaoi.  After voraciously reading everything I could find, I have decided that I will give it a shot.

I’m so grateful for the work people put into translating something that I could never experience otherwise into a language I can speak. So, I figured I would try to give back a little bit.

I will be MTLing “Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented!MC Novel.”

I am not sure what kind of speed can be expected.  I am meticulous so that takes time, but I get a bit obsessive with my hobbies. I have a full time job, a husband, and two children (2 & 4 years old). So, let us see where this takes us.

Quick Notes:

  • Google sensei has MC’s name as Chino, pinyin Jin Nuo. I don’t really like either. So Zeno it is.
  • Although I have done my best to keep the story exactly as is, I have played a lot with sentence structure and wording to allow for better flow. If this offends your sensibilities just head to the raws and use google translate like me!
  • Anything that seems like something from a xianxia type style of writing (i.e. spitting blood, black face, etc) will be left as is to keep the spirit of the work
  • If no one reads this, thanks me for your hard work!
  • The above picture is completely unrelated.  I couldn’t find anything that seemed to go with the novel. But I did get lost in the danmei section of pinterest…oml

Screen Partner Chapter 12

In the spacious master bedroom, everyone crowded around the double bed in a circle. Aside from the hum of the air-conditioner and the suggestive sounds of sucking and licking, there were no other sounds on the scene.  

The videographer standing on the side of the bed received instructions from the director, and then gradually changed the angle and zoomed in on the scene. On the snow-white sheet, a young man lay on his back. Because he was being kissed on his chin, it was difficult to clearly discern his facial features.   Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 11

Until they began filming, Xu Zheyi refused to talk to Ruka again. 

On the one hand, it was because of anger, but on the other hand, it was because of tension.  

He ran to the toilet several times with an upset stomach. The first time he only brought up water, while the rest were mostly just dry heaving. Even so, it still left a bitter taste in his mouth, so he popped in some gum to remove the flavor.  Read more

RAAS Chapter 6

Qin Mo gently stroked him, “Will you die?”

“Of course not! Although we’re bound by the contract, we only need to cooperate with each other in a sort of joint relationship. Our lives aren’t connected like that,” he explained.

“Then what are you worried about?” Read more

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 18

“The junior mercenary badge1.” After he unconsciously lets it slip, Zeno quickly covers his mouth and sneaks a glance at Xi Wei. Fortunately, the protagonist seems to be caught up in his thoughts and does not notice the little one’s slip of the tongue.

The mercenary badges are very easy to identify. The junior badge is gold, the intermediate badge is silver, and the senior badge is purple. The design for all three is the same; two swords with their handles crossed.
Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 9

The entire filming schedule was quite compact; the same morning Xiang and Ah Li finished shooting was the afternoon Xu Zheyi and Ruka would be filming their own video—even the day of filming the bed scene was planned that way.

The night before that fateful scene, Xu Zheyi suffered from insomnia. He lay in bed, turning over and over, and thought that this was all wrong—his heart was completely blocked with panic. Read more

RAAS Chapter 5

When Shi Qing recalled the task details mentioned before, to be honest, he thought that the task of having the Crown Prince ascend to Emperor was not too difficult.

Although the old emperor was not stupid, he was quite old, and he had been growing increasingly confused over the years. Although Concubine Li was still fairly young, she had still been in the palace for nearly 20 years. She was smart enough, and quite crafty; she was able to coax the Emperor by acting spoiled, but it was still not enough at this point. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 8

To maximise their space, the same place that Ah Li and Xiang are using in the morning as their ‘cohabitation residence’, with the replacement of some furnishings and a quick redecorate, will immediately transform into Xu Zheyi and Ruka’s love nest.

After getting his makeup done, Xu Zheyi went out to the unoccupied balcony, and read through the script again. Read more

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 17

Zeno begins growing nervous. Some familiar elements from a plot line in “Curse” are beginning to emerge. After his powers developed in the novel, there was a story about Xi Wei as a mercenary. He was on a mission to investigate a village where, for no reason, many citizens were going insane without any determinable cause. Xi Wei’s mercenary squad was almost annihilated, but the protagonist escaped due to the protection of the ring he wore. Not only was he able to escape, but he also found an extremely talented young girl. Read more