Embarking on a journey…

I have been a long time lover of manga, light novels, xianxia, wuxia, transmigration/reincarnation tales and the like.  Somehow I discovered, to my delight, that all of these things have been combined with my favourite thing–danmei/yaoi.  After voraciously reading everything I could find, I have decided that I will give it a shot.

I’m so grateful for the work people put into translating something that I could never experience otherwise into a language I can speak. So, I figured I would try to give back a little bit.

I will be MTLing “Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented!MC Novel.”

I am not sure what kind of speed can be expected.  I am meticulous so that takes time, but I get a bit obsessive with my hobbies. I have a full time job, a husband, and two children (2 & 4 years old). So, let us see where this takes us.

Quick Notes:

  • Google sensei has MC’s name as Chino, pinyin Jin Nuo. I don’t really like either. So Zeno it is.
  • Although I have done my best to keep the story exactly as is, I have played a lot with sentence structure and wording to allow for better flow. If this offends your sensibilities just head to the raws and use google translate like me!
  • Anything that seems like something from a xianxia type style of writing (i.e. spitting blood, black face, etc) will be left as is to keep the spirit of the work
  • If no one reads this, thanks me for your hard work!
  • The above picture is completely unrelated.  I couldn’t find anything that seemed to go with the novel. But I did get lost in the danmei section of pinterest…oml

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 12

Until they left Fenhong Street, Zeno could not regain his composure. Xi Lun’s men, surprisingly, did not further investigate their situation, and only asked a few questions before letting them go. Of course, they will not receive any more xue nu. Xi Lun may have been kind to them, but this is not a charity.

However, as long as there are no accidents, Zeno has no worries—this is good news. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 1

Xu Zheyi knew that his acting career was coming to an end. He debuted ten years ago, but only the first three years were fairly good. At that time he was still a fresh college student. Almost every popular magazine displayed his figure, and in the industry he was a fairly well known male model.

Later, a start-up brokerage company found him. He didn’t think much about the signing since from the start he was a star. At first, his income was really good. He played supporting roles in several idol dramas, commercials and was even a regular guest on some variety shows. Read more

New Project

Hello! I somehow found myself deciding to pick up another translation project. It’s called Screen Partner. It is completely different from PUP, and don’t worry, it shouldn’t interfere. {Next chapter of PUP is close to being finished!}

It’s only 31 chapters and they’re on the shorter side (at least off the bat). It’s about a fellow who is cheated into debt, and has to act in a gay AV to make money.

Since there is no supernatural element it is much easier to MTL, so I’ll be doing it on my phone when I’m on the go. I don’t know what kind of release frequency I’m looking at.  I’m hoping to keep PUP close to one chapter every week to ten days, and that one is my main priority.  But, I have a busy life so I can’t really promise anything.


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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 11

Xiao Wu is not a particularly beautiful or dazzling girl, but her smile radiates sunshine and her personality is straightforward. She is a typical girl next-door, brimming with compassion for the weak, but not in a holier-than-thou way.

She can be said to be humble compared to most of the beauties in the novel, but Zeno thinks that her gentleness will bring a warmth to Xi Wei that the poisonous beauty of the others cannot match.
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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 10

The development of things until now are not always as the baby wants, but this kind of hard-pressed emotion that seems to slide into the abyss of ignorance will not be understood by a second person1. Despite this, one point still makes Zeno happy.

Ya Sang has unknowingly rushed to his own demise by tormenting the protagonist. “Curse” is a supernatural novel, and within it the protagonist is almost always miserable. Even so, the guy who makes the protagonist even more miserable will face a fate 10,000 times worse than the protagonist.
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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 9

Zeno is awash in melancholy. He can’t believe that the protagonist of his story looks so pleased to be called a father. Look at the whole body of x literature, and not once will you see a protagonist become a father before he even accomplishes anything!

Only some cannon fodder or a younger brother will have this magical set of children ah. Cannon fodder children are the stepping stone to domination used by the protagonist, and the younger brother’s child is used to develop the main character’s responsibility and power. The protagonist having a child, do you think this is a farming show? Go away, wrong channel!
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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 8

Would Xi Wei agree? Would he drop the little baby in front of this youth?

Xi Wei stops, seeming to consider what Ya Sang has ordered him to do.

Zeno’s heart tightens.

Hey protagonist, I won’t eat so much, do not give me to this Ya Sang jerk! QAQ

Xi Wei, of course, could not hear the cry of Zeno’s heart, but he can feel the little bundle on his chest shudder. He pats Zeno’s back and furrows his brow, coldly whispering, “Don’t move.”
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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 7

Transmitting magic energy1 is very exhausting. Hua Li wasn’t at it for very long before she had to take down her hand and stop, since even the fluttering of her wings had begun to slow. Most of the magic of the Queen of the Elves is sealed within the ring, and she is reluctant to use all the energy she has to heal Zeno. Even so, it is still the blessing of the elves that he is receiving.

Knowing this, Zeno is left feeling irresolute about the whole situation. On the one hand, there was no sign of Hua Li’s blackening before the finale of the last chapter. The novel did not reveal the reason why the Elf Queen betrayed Xi Wei, but perhaps it was revenge for mistreatment, or else it had to have been unwarranted.
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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 6

“Cough … cough …” Zeno’s face was red and hot, and he began coughing. His cough is soft, although now that he has started he can’t seem to stop, like a kitten mewling with hunger.

Such a small and fragile child, if he was in an ordinary family he would certainly be able to receive adequate care. Unfortunately, he is under the care of Xi Wei, a beggar who cannot even guarantee his own safety. It would seem that fate has doomed him.

Xi Wei did not panic when he was left to wander the streets after the deaths of his parents. Xi Wei did not panic when he faced the tortuous pain of accepting the ring earlier on. Even when faced with the Elf Queen, an individual completely outside of his experience, he did not panic. However, when he heard that tiny coughing echoing in his hears, Xi Wei starts panicking.
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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 5

Compared to Xi Wei’s hoarse voice, this one rang out sweet and shy. It must be the voice of a younger sister1, but she actually should not appear at this time and place.

Zeno and Xi Wei were motionless, but quickly snapped out of it and turned towards the source of the sound.

Because the previous events within the cabin had left it at sixes and sevens2, all of Xi Wei’s meagre possessions were scattered about. In the middle of the cabin, one of the broken porcelain bowls was upside down, and standing on top of this bowl was a delicate little person.
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